September 23rd

I love having this little doll with me all day on Fridays.  Today was COLD and RAINY and Annie was in pj’s all day.  I cleaned the house and she helped me put up Autumn decorations.


Then we played games and did puzzles.


After school, Ashton and Ethan played football in the rain!  They came in for a hot chocolate break.  Meanwhile, Emmy, Jayda and Kyn were at our house playing and Annie was at Steph’s.  She ended up eating dinner over there and then all of her dreams came true when Steph let these cute little cousins have a late night watching “The Little Mermaid”.thumb_img_1265_1024 thumb_img_1266_1024

At one point, all the boys in the neighborhood were in our basement doing pull-ups.  Thankfully, they decided to go outside to play night games in the freezing cold darkness.thumb_img_1270_1024 thumb_img_1271_1024


September 22nd

Our oven has been broken all summer.  I finally had a repairman come yesterday.  He took it apart and didn’t have the right piece to fix it, so he put it back together with the old piece and was going to come back later.  Well, when he turned it on, it started working again! SOOOOO this morning, Annie and I went to Walmart and I loaded my cart with ALL KINDS of baking junk! We got pumpkins so I can have pumpkin seeds (my whole desperate reason for having the oven fixed).  Annie loved helping me scoop out the seeds.


While the seeds were cooking, I was making a double batch of banana bread. Little did I know that THE OVEN HAD STOPPED WORKING AGAIN!!!!  AAARRRRGGGGHH!!!!  So, I finished cooking the seeds in the toaster oven.  I called Linz and she saved the day by helping me with the baking part.  I got on Emmy’s scooter and drove like this to Lindsey’s, laughing all the way.  I looked ridiculous……aaaaaand I kind of crashed when I got there.


It’s days like this (almost that the thought of moving tears my heart into tiny pieces.  First Linz saved the day with her oven.  Then all these cousins were just running to each other’s houses and playing all afternoon. I love it with every bit of my soul.thumb_img_1245_1024 thumb_img_1246_1024

September 21st

Annie and I met Cari at the park today.  It was a perfectly sunny, cool day.


After school, we babysat Tosha’s kids.  Annie and Joce wanted all their barbies to go swimming.  I didn’t notice, not even when I took this picture, that they had all of Emmy’s Monster High Dolls and it ruined their hair forever.  Emmy’s heart is broken.


Emmy and Ash had soccer tonight.  It was rainy and freezing, but beautiful.thumb_img_1232_1024

September 20th

Annie had dance this morning.  Then she went to Hailey’s to play while I went to the Scout Office.  Steph saved my life because this was a crazy trip and I needed to get a ton of awards.


Every day after school, Ash is out playing football with a bunch of dudes.  So cool!!thumb_img_1187_1024

We had Pack Night and Ashton received his Arrow of Light. Brother Richards brought his cool Scout Bridge for the ceremony!  When he walked in carrying all the wood Ashton’s face lit up!  He was sooooo excited that he brought it just for him.  Sweet.  I was surprised that tears were in my eyes during the presentation.  I love Ash so much.  He is such an amazing guy.thumb_img_1218_1024 thumb_img_1219_1024 thumb_img_1215_1024 thumb_img_1220_1024

September 19th

Josh had to leave this morning for another business trip in Houston.  I hope this week goes by quickly.

This morning Annie came up to me, so unhappy with me, and said “Moooom-uh.  You put food wrappers all over my-uh window-uh. Now I can’t see outsid-uh.” She was referring to the tin foil that Josh put up at the beginning of Daylight Savings so she could sleep.  Well, it is now dark again at bedtime so she and I took down the ‘food wrappers’ and she insisted on washing her whole window all by herself.  She is such a bright, sunny, happy girl all day and I love her to pieces!


Then she rode her bike next to me while I ran around the hood delivering Pack Night Flyers.

thumb_img_1170_1024 thumb_img_1174_1024

After school, E played with Drake again.  And once again, E was all about games.  This was such a cute game to listen to.  Later, Annie and I played it and her cuteness just about killed me.thumb_img_1175_1024

Ashton played football with these guys.  I remember when he was a baby and I’d watch the big kids play out in the field.  NOW HE IS A BIG KID PLAYING IN THE FIELD.  Where has the time gone?  How did this happen?