January 28th

Ashton earned his Bear badge!  He received that and some other awards at Pack Night.

The scouts made rockets and they launched them for the “Space Derby”.    IMG_0715


IMG_0722Note: The morning after Pack Night, I told Ashton he should probably wash his face to get the paint off.  He said “No way!  People are going to ask me which award I got!”  Pretty cute.

January 25th

I am well aware of the ‘no pictures in the chapel’ rule, but I could not resist.  Ethan was the first one to hit the wall. He slept like this for a full hour!

IMG_0682Then Emmy fell asleep on the bench.  During the Sacrament, Ashton was falling onto the ground, with red eyes, unable to sit up.  I let him lay down under the bench and he was right out.  It seriously looked like I tranquilized all of my kids, EXCEPT for Annie who actually sat on my lap reading books most of the meeting.  CRAY-ZAY!  Josh asked the babysitter what the heck made them so tired and she said they played Just Dance all night. HAHAHAHA!  So awesome!  That is exactly why the old people leave and let the fun babysitters PARTY with the kiddo’s!

Leslie didn’t have dinner tonight so Kassy invited us all over to her house.

IMG_0693 IMG_0695

January 24th

We had such a busy day today!  It was great!  EXCEPT that I had to wake up early on a Saturday! Pa-LEEEASE!!!!  Ashton had a basketball at 9.  He did AWESOME!!!  He has been pretty stoked all day about that game.

IMG_0660Right after, the whole neighborhood, practically, went to Kyra’s baby shower.  I just cannot tell you how excited I am for her.  It has been such a blessing for me to know her and to see how the Lord knows each one of us, is with us through trials and blesses us in just the most amazing ways.  She is having a baby girl and as I wrapped her gift, I just couldn’t hold in the tears.  I am just so happy for her.  Heavenly Father is so kind.

IMG_0661Then these guys played all afternoon while I worked on my Primary lesson.

IMG_0671At about 3, I realized I REALLY needed a date.  We found a babysitter, an excellent one, I might add. What a great neighborhood we have with so many great girls to babysit (and also come at the last minute)! At 5:30, the babysitter came, Josh and I got in the car and we were like “So, what do you want to do?”  We started driving, thinking we’d go to a movie, as usual.  Instead, we kept driving and ended up at the Jazz game.  It was such a fun night!!!

IMG_0677 IMG_0676 IMG_0673Josh woke up with such a bad migraine that he threw up.  His head has been killing him ALL DAY and look how happy and fun he still is!  I am THE LUCKIEST!!!!  On the way home, we ROCKED to our favorite old 80′s butt rock and hair bands.  I love this guy!

January 23rd

Lately, Annie LOVES Elsa and Anna (all princesses, really).  Here is her Anna hair.

IMG_0598 IMG_0602This morning Ethan, Annie and I went to the mall. These two are just TOO CUTE!!!!

IMG_0606Emmy just wanted to hang out with me all afternoon and night.  This NEVER happens.  She usually has a few friends over but today she really just asked ME to play Monster High dolls with her.  I am REALLY bad at playing dolls so I went into her room and kept asking her questions to distract from the doll playing.  We just sat and talked all night.

IMG_0632 IMG_0652 IMG_0653Then she wanted to tap dance with me.  What a sweetie!  There are few things I love more than seeing Emmy dance.


January 22nd

I was sooooo tired of all the kids sitting around playing their Kindles today!  It was sunny so I said,”That’s it!  We are playing outside, you addicts!!!!”  They were not excited.  I realized almost immediately that it was a horrible idea!  I looked at my phone and saw this:

IMG_0592I told the kids it was too cold and I wanted to go back inside.  TOO LATE!  They were having too much fun and I couldn’t get them to go back in. :(

IMG_0596The rest of the night, I helped Ashton and Emmy sew blankets and pillows for their toys (I really made them do it all themselves, except for the knots.)  This is Ashton’s Enderman (sp? what IS it anyway?), Fred.