August 28th

This morning we had the carpet cleaned in our whole house!!!  I have been waiting for summer and constant traffic to end to do it.  While the dudes worked, I took Ethan and Annie to run errands all over town.  They were still working when we got home so we went to the park and played for a while.

thumb_IMG_7904_1024 thumb_IMG_7908_1024 thumb_IMG_7907_1024

They were STILL there when it was time for lunch so we went to Jimmy John’s.thumb_IMG_7912_1024

We played the Hot Lava game when we got home…thumb_IMG_7917_1024

Will and Julie Anne invited us to a charity fundraiser for Head Start tonight.  We always have so much fun with them.  We met a whole bunch of their friends and hung out all night, having a delish dinner, walking around the golf course…thumb_IMG_7922_1024

Messing around with the auction….thumb_IMG_7925_1024

And dancing. Will and Julie are party and animals and ruled the dance floor, which consisted of Josh, me and three other drunk girls.  It was FUUUUUUUN and funny!thumb_IMG_7930_1024 thumb_IMG_7932_1024

August 27th

Today I realized that Annie can take her afternoon naps down in the play house while I run on the treadmill.  This discovery has created a WHOLE NEW WORLD for Josh and me!!!!  We no longer have to have a crib in our closet!!!!!!!!  For TEN YEARS we have had some kind of newborn or toddler sleeping in our closet.  We have only had this much room to function in our closet…



NOW WE HAVE OUR CLOSET ALL TO OURSELVES!!!!!  Josh seriously had tears in his eyes.thumb_IMG_7918_1024

I no longer have to take showers in the dark, get all of my clothes out of the closet before putting Annie down for a nap or else sit around in my robe until she wakes up, move to another bathroom to do my make-up and dry my hair, or wait to put laundry away. It is THE BEST!!!!!!

In other news, we went to Costco this morning.thumb_IMG_7798_1024After lunch we walked Eth to the bus stop.  I don’t think I will ever get over how cute he is walking to the bus stop and getting into that huge bus.thumb_IMG_7889_1024

Emmy read bedtime stories to Annie.  So cute!thumb_IMG_7901_1024

August 26th



Here is a little video I threw together…

Ethan fell right to sleep on my bed when he got home.  Ash and Emmy stayed home with him while I ran BACK to the Scout Office for more awards.  As I was in line, I looked over at Annie and realized she has been coming to this place for as long as she can remember, once a month for two years now!  Crazy.


We made it back barely in time for Pack Night, which was all about handing out a billion summer awards. Ashton is the only Webelo right now.  thumb_IMG_7790_1024

August 25th

Today was SUCH a busy day!!!  This morning, I had to go to the Scout office and Walmart.  Since the power was out last night and the internet died, I had to make Pack Night flyers this morning, also.  I put Annie to bed, then ran on the treadmill THEN ran the flyers around the neighborhood.  I had a shower and then we picked up Emmy and Ashton from school and went to the State Capitol.  The Planned Parenthood supporters were having a HUGE rally there and the Pro-Life supporters wanted to be there to represent our side.


The Planned Parenthood people were outside and Pro-life gathered inside.  We were the first ones there so my babies got to practice their speeches in the huge, empty rotunda. thumb_IMG_7735_1024

Ashton, imagining what an awesome president he would be…thumb_IMG_7736_1024

Emmy yelled and pounded her fist “We MUST believe in LLAMAS!  I know the Chalk Temple does!” I was DYING!!!  I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time! (Inside joke from the one-and-only Druw)thumb_IMG_7734_1024

Jess, Gary and the boys came and they had great idea for my blank poster board…thumb_IMG_7737_1024

PERFECT!!!  Ryan even stood in front of the whole Pro-Life group and expressed his feelings on the matter and even shed a couple tears.  What a sweetie…thumb_IMG_7738_1024

Kris being interviewed by Fox 13 Newsthumb_IMG_7745_1024

Ryan is never one to shy away from a fight and when Ashton is with him, Ash gets all brave.  These guys went out into the PP Crazies and yelled for the rights of the unborn babies.  I told Ashton that he was so brave to do that.  He didn’t think it was scary or a brave thing at all. He did mention that a woman took off her shirt right out in the open to put on a pink shirt.  Uh-huh, that’s what we are dealing with.  A little bit selfish, if you ask me.  Just show your boobs to all the little boys around. It’s all about YOU.  No consideration for others. Just a small indication of the attitude….thumb_IMG_7747_1024

Emmy showed her sign as forcefully as she could to all the carsthumb_IMG_7752_1024

Here we are, lots of Stewarts (my mom came as I left) trying to fight for morality and humanity.thumb_IMG_7751_1024

I am soooo sad to report that there were not a lot of Pro-Life people there.  The advertising was not great, very last minute.  I only found out about it last night.  But really, WHAT ELSE IS MORE IMPORTANT than this?!  We KNOW what barbarism is happening RIGHT NOW, we have seen 5 videos with proof!!!  We will be accountable for this knowledge.  It infuriates me that all my cutesy, fluff posts on Facebook get all the likes.  When I post something serious, asking people to stand up for ANYTHING…crickets…NOTHING!!!  Well, except for the few warriors who I can always trust to fight with me.

Standing inside the rotunda with the tiny army of 75 Pro-lifers, looking outside at the THOUSANDS of pink shirts, I just kept thinking of Elisha and the highlighted verse below ran through my mind over and over….thumb_IMG_7753_1024

We hurried home to get to Julie Anne’s birthday party. thumb_IMG_7755_1024

AND THEN, after the kids were in bed, I went to the Stake Center to get my temple recommend renewed. What a busy, great, yet a little bit frustrating day.

Here is Kris on the news tonight.  Go girl!thumb_IMG_7759_1024

August 24th

Just wanted to show Emmy’s cute outfit today! OVERALLS ARE BACK!  AND she is wearing sparkly, pink, velcro high-tops!  Wow, it all comes back, folks.  My mom used to say that to me all the time, especially when I made fun of bell bottoms.  Yep, I sure rocked the FLARE jeans not long ago.


Emmy was grounded from friends today because she called Ashton ‘a jerk’ and has been rolling those eyeballs and becoming a little bit catty.  I need to nip mean girl behavior right in the bud. So, she got to play with Annie and me all day.  She helped me cut dead flowers and trim our greenery. thumb_IMG_7713_1024

Then she laid out a blanket and we just sat in the front yard talking and laughing. She and Annie also had a dinner picnic out here.thumb_IMG_7714_1024

After dinner, a transformer on Canyon Road exploded and burst into flames, causing all the power to go out.  So we spent the rest of the evening riding around the neighborhood, talking to neighbors also coming out of their caves. We went back in the house for FHE and then back outside to have ice cream cones.  Emmy and Ashton had showers with the help of iPhone flashlights.  Right as we were tucking them in bed, the power came back on. thumb_IMG_7715_1024

Ethan keeps telling me that a robot did not catch on fire, it was just a light pole. Robot = Transformers.  Hahahahaha!