November 28th

We had a snow storm during the night that kept going all day.  I cleaned the house like crazy this morning.  Annie helped, of course.


I ran on the treadmill and went to Walmart, picked up the preschool kids, and then everyone had piano lessons.  Annie went out to play with Jocelyn in the snow. She was out for a long time and came back in for dinner.  She was super sad about everything and finally fell asleep at about 6 PM.  What a sweetie.  I put her to bed after I held her for a while.dfsnhjhkrfulb5oyyybbcw_thumb_8d45

Emmy and I played checkers then we had FHE.


November 27th

These kids kill me.  They are always so sweet to each other.  They played with Lego’s for an hour or so after church.  DOLLS!!!!

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Then we had Thanksgiving leftovers at Grammy’sunadjustednonraw_thumb_8d31

November 26th

Josh woke up early again to work on the deck.  Ash, E and the Peaslee’s played Minecraft all morning and then went out to play football with Druw.  I love it when all the cousins play!!!


We took the boys back to Jess and then took lunch to Josh.  We hung out trying to help him for a little while.

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Annie made herself at home at our new home…


I took the kids home and Annie took a nap so I left Ash to babysit while I helped Josh some more.  He did some amazing work!  See how beautiful it is in this picture?  About an hour later, a blizzard hit and that’s about the end of our deck work for a while.


November 25th

Steph and Nate saved our whole day today.  Steph watched the kids while I worked with Josh on the deck.  Then Nate came over and helped after he got off work!!!!  We got so much done with Nate’s help!!!


We met up with some of the Stewart’s to see “Moana”.  It was fun to be at the movies with the fam again, but the movie was not amazing.


We got dinner on the way to Mom and Dad’s.  We ate and played games while the little guys watched “Home Alone” with Grampa.

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We left M & D’s at 10:45 and ended up bringing some Peaslee’s home for a sleepover.unadjustednonraw_thumb_8d11

November 24th-Thanksgiving

More cooking ALL morning…..


It was a Carr Thanksgiving this year.  We invited the Beck’s to come, too! It was such a great day!unadjustednonraw_thumb_8cf1 unadjustednonraw_thumb_8cfc ihqm49zfqfcsce3obdo7q_thumb_8cfa


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Instead of doing a cousin gift exchange this year, we donated items for missionary care packages.  It is WAY better and the kiddies loved doing it!

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We actually hung out and played games all afternoon.zvvjqgyzr962cjlqmfxtw_thumb_8cde

When we got home, Ethan crashed.  What a cutie!unadjustednonraw_thumb_8cf2