October 10th

This was a crazy day, running errands to the mall, Costco, Walmart, cleaning the house, picking up kids, and packing for DC.  But I had time to hang out with my babies…while they played with cousins.k89k8txhtpkvhdfr5cgfq_thumb_8720

Annie and Paisley wanted to ride bikes together. They are getting so big.. unadjustednonraw_thumb_871c

I made Ashton mow the lawn. He employed Trevan somehow.  Such good buddies. unadjustednonraw_thumb_871f

October 9th

We had a normal day at church.  Then when Josh got home from meetings, we went to Deven and Shelley’s for dinner.  They invited us, Cari, Doug, Ed and Linz.  I am so happy that they have moved to Utah!!!  Their kids are so cute!


October 8th

Today was crazy but somehow we did everything we needed to.  We got to go to Drake’s baptism this morning. From the first note of the opening song, I was a mess.

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Then Ash and I rushed off to BYU so he could finish earning his merit badges.  He got Space Exploration and Art.

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Then we all went over to the house to finish staining the deck.  All the kids kept themselves busy, playing at the park and exploring for about three hours.  The kids and I had to go get more paint at Home Depot.  So we went to the gas station for treats, to Home Depot, then I dropped them off at home while Josh and I finished the deck.

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After the deck, Josh had lots of other stuff he had to do, so I stayed home while the cousins all played.  Annie and Paisley danced to princess songs for a little while.unadjustednonraw_thumb_8711

Josh came home and we were both pretty wiped out.

October 7th

I babysat Joce and Carson today while Tosha went to the Red Barn with Ethan’s class.  It was a great trade-off for all the cute pictures she took for me!

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Josh stayed with the kids tonight while I went to the Relief Society Retreat.  unadjustednonraw_thumb_86fa unadjustednonraw_thumb_86f4

October 6th

Today Josh started staining our deck beams.  He was there ALL DAY.  When the kids got home from school, I took Em, E and Annie with me and went to help Josh.  Emmy played at Avery’s for a while and Ethan and Anne played so well and entertained themselves while Josh and I painted frantically.  We finished most of it, but still have a ton to do.



Annie HAD to help, of course 🙂