April 29th

Jesslyn and Mark Weaver popped into town early this morning to get their house ready to sell.  So, of course, I had Emmy stay home from school so she could hang out with her first BESTIE whom she hadn’t seen for TWO YEARS.  Ellery, Bentley and Hadley got to play at our house all day.  They didn’t skip a beat and were even better friends than ever!

thumb_IMG_3719_1024 thumb_IMG_3730_1024

Throughout the day, old friends came by to see the girls.  At one point, Tara’s girls and Kyn were all playing.  It was SOOOO AWESOME!  A billion tiny girls running around playing?!  Could not get any cuter! thumb_IMG_3732_1024

While all the girls were upstairs playing, this little guy was chilling in his room playing the Wii. His cuteness KILLS me about 20 times a day!


Later in the afternoon Austin came over


I must say that I was worried about how this day would go, especially since Josh and I leave for San Diego in the morning.  But it was a perfectly crazy and great day! The girls took care of themselves for a while this morning while I ran errands and picked up Ethan from preschool.  And they kept playing perfectly while Ethan and Annie took naps and I helped the Weavers clean for a little while. Then I left them all again to run more errands.  


We tried to get the whole Somerset crew back together for dinner but everyone just has so much going on.  Kyra, Sara Philips and Nate were able to come, though. And Jenny Richards made an amazing amount of treats even though they couldn’t come.  So sweet! (And delicious)thumb_IMG_3739_1024 thumb_IMG_3748_1024I must note here that Steph was going to come but Hailey had a pretty devastating seizure an hour before.  Devastating for Steph. I keep typing things and then deleting.  I can’t put into words what I am feeling for my sweet, sweet Steph. And now I’m crying.

April 28th

Today was soooo loaded and soooo GREAT!!!!

This morning we went to the Payson Temple Open House.  Josh and I have been through many temples and we were blown away by the beauty of this temple.  I just kept thinking “Exquisite!” With the morning sunlight streaming through the apple blossom stained glass, the Celestial Room was UNBELIEVABLE…BREATHTAKING!!!!




When the tour was over, as we walked outside, Ashton said “What?! It’s over!?” I never had to tell the kids to be reverent or quiet. Not even one time. They just felt the reverence emminating and behaved what they felt. We stopped for Slurpees and treats on the way home.

When we got home, Emmy found her Beanie Boo doll, Bamboo, had arrived. She chose him for filling up her chore chart. She AND Annie are IN LOVE! Emmy is such a sweetheart.  She opened him up and handed her brand new, soft, SOFT bear right over to Annie who held him and loved him like Lenny in “Of Mice and Men”

Lauren came over to babysit at 4:45 so I could go “Stand for Marriage” at the State Capitol with Mom and Jess. I wanted to go soooo badly, especially to hear Matt Walsh, but it was such a crazy day and Josh couldn’t be home with the kids. It just would have been so much easier to stay home. I kept thinking “I KNOW it’s going to be AMAZING and I will totally regret NOT going if it is THIS difficult to get out the door.” And I was right! IT WAS EXCELLENT! I had so much fun with Mom and Jess. We laughed and cried (I know I did a little bit, anyway)


(We were trying to take our first selfies. Mom said “It speaks volumes that none of us know how to do this.” :D Totally)



Matt was AWESOME!  He says it all perfectly.  The part that keeps going through my head is that we shouldn’t say “Traditional Marriage” because it’s MARRIAGE or it just ISN’T.   He also said it’s time for the SILENT MAJORITY to stop being SILENT.  We need to fight for what is right and stop standing on the sidelines. He says he has a vision of his own judgement day and he KNOWS Christ will ask if he stood for what was right and acted as Christ would.  And I know all of the Matt Walsh haters and liberal progressives AND even some conservatives think this is all about hate and bigotry.  IT ISN’T.  It is what has been proven to be best for all children,  preserving the FOUNDATION of society from the beginning of time. And this should be a universal belief!  All night I sat there INCREDULOUS at the point we are at.  I just kept thinking,
“I CANNOT believe I am here, with people booing and fighting against this issue.  WHY IS THIS AN ISSUE?!”

It was such an inspiring evening.  Afterwards, Jess and I ran up to meet Matt. Jess talked to Rod Arquette, also, and made him laugh.  She sure is a crack up!thumb_IMG_3716_1024

April 27th

This guy was up before everyone else (for who knows how long) reading his book….Have I mentioned that I LOVE IT!?!?!

thumb_IMG_3567_1024I had all the usual Monday morning cleaning to do.  Annie played and helped and played.  While I did my hair, Ethan was watching Hotel Transylvania on my bed.  I came out and found him like this.  He is the cutest thing ever!  He really falls asleep like this in his bed.  He is a pro at relaxing.

thumb_IMG_3611_1024We played outside for a little bit and then picked up Josh work for FHE.  There are always fun things to be found at Dad’s office…..thumb_IMG_3615_1024We decided our FHE needed to be FUN this week so we went to Lowe’s.  We got Two Jacks for dinner and jumped all night. There were only a few other kids there! SCORE!!!!thumb_IMG_3623_1024




April 26th

We woke up early this morning to make it to Marisa Singson’s mission homecoming.  Ashton is LOVING his long hair, but he doesn’t LOVE to do it.  He got a little help from Dad who didn’t realize what he was getting himself into.  So then I had to calm it down. :D

thumb_IMG_3571_1024We hung out at the Singson’s afterwards.  The kids had a BLAST!thumb_IMG_3572_1024I AM MY MOM!  I LOVE it when my kids become instant friends with their second cousins/any-person-who-might-be-some-kind-of-distant-relative.thumb_IMG_3574_1024Ethan is the best!  I LOVE his enthusiasm!thumb_IMG_3576_1024Ashton is pretty addicted to Harry Potter lately!  I LOVE IT!!!!!  He reads his book every chance he gets.

thumb_IMG_3573_1024We went home, I put the little kids down for naps and worked on my primary lesson while Josh went to our ward.  He came home for the third hour and I went back to teach and took Ash and Emmy with me. Then we went to Uncle Rich’s for the cousin’s party.thumb_IMG_3581_1024


thumb_IMG_3605_1024Emmy beat Spencer!  Here is the winning shot!  (I have a feeling it may have been a little bit rigged. Thanks, Spencer, you are a good dude.)thumb_IMG_3610_1024

April 25th

I woke up this morning to all of my monkeys swinging on this rope!  I couldn’t believe it and I also couldn’t believe that we hadn’t thought of this years sooner!




Our goal lately is to fix little things around the house that have been driving us crazy.  So today Josh replaced all the faucet spouty thingies, replaced our shower head, recaulked the bathrooms, aaaaand other stuff I forget at the moment.  It kept us busy all day.  At 4, we met most of the Stewart’s at Brick Oven to have an early dinner with our Palmdale neighbors, Carol and her daughter Kristin.thumb_IMG_3557_1024



I am getting REALLY tired of these HUGE reminders of how freaking old I am!!! Kristin was 2 when I left for college.  Now she is a college graduate, pretty much engaged to a BYU basketball player.  UUUUGGGGHHH.  SO. OLD.  By the way, Carol and Kristin still are not members of the church, and neither is Kristin’s boyfriend!  It is soooo strange how things have brought them here.  We had a great time with them!