June 21st

Father’s Day!!!  Josh didn’t have any meetings this morning!  We made him a bowl of fresh fruit for breakfast.  Then each child read a little survey they filled out about Josh and what they love about/doing with him.  Then they each gave him their gifts.  It was pretty cute.


Ethan wanted to “read” his own to Josh. thumb_IMG_5411_1024



I gave my talk in Sacrament meeting.  During the youth speaker (right before my turn), Annie bonked her head really hard on the bench and started crying.  I tried to sooth her but she was crying too loudly and I had to take her out.  Josh watched me leave like “What the….where are you going?” I made it back just in time to put her down and walk up to the podium, all out of breath.  I felt like I cried through the whole thing and I just hope people knew what the heck I was trying to say. I thought Josh would go sit with the kids while I was up there but he didn’t.  However, they were perfect angels while I was giving my talk.  I taught my primary lesson, we came home, changed clothes and then headed right over to Mom and Dad’s. They picked us spinach and peas from the garden….thumb_IMG_5419_1024

Cari and Doug popped in …..thumb_IMG_5422_1024

Grammy read Annie a book about not throwing tantrums. (Annie chose it and I really hope she was listening)thumb_IMG_5432_1024

Emmy loved all the baby quailthumb_IMG_5433_1024

Then we went over to the Carr’s for dinner…thumb_IMG_5434_1024

June 20th

To make up for sleeping in yesterday, we got up bright and early to clean the church.  Eddie and Lindsey and a few other people came to help, also.  We were there for about an hour and a half.  Our kids were such happy helpers.  I am grateful we had the assignment.





We made it home in time to help with the Primary Carnival at the park.  It was so much fun for the kiddies.  Cotton candy, game booths…thumb_IMG_5364_1024

Face painting, water fights….


Josh and I were assigned to help with the fishing booth.  Josh was doing all the talking with the fishermen (he was killing me the whole time, he is soooo funny), and I was behind, clipping prizes to the fishing lines.thumb_IMG_5382_1024

For a few minutes, I was trying to do two fishing lines all by myself.  Ashton came to the rescue, though!  Thank goodness!thumb_IMG_5363_1024

Then after a while, Druw came to help!  It was so cute to see these guys working instead of playing.  They would peek to see who was fishing and say “OH!  I know what they would like!” or “They are going to LOVE this!” Pretty cute.thumb_IMG_5373_1024

They had a water slide, too.  thumb_IMG_5386_1024


Josh, Ashton and I were doing that booth for two full hours, non-stop.  It was a hit but man, it was crazy hot out there.  We went down the water slide and helped clean up, then went home for lunch and naps.  While the babies were sleeping, I went running.  It actually felt so good to run in the stifling heat.

Tonight we got to go to Joe Rubalcava’s 80th birthday party in Nephi.  It was so good to see most of the Rubalcava’s and some Palmdale people.  I didn’t take any pictures, I was busy talking with Roman, his wife, and Olivia.  But Josh snapped this one of Ashton in a tree!  What the?!?!  AWESOME!!!thumb_IMG_5403_1024

As we were leaving, Kris and Spencer pulled into the parking lot and showed us the puppy they just bought.  Emmy was smitten immediately.  Too darling!thumb_IMG_5404_1024Josh tried to go to the factory with his dad but things all fell through and he was back way earlier than expected.  So I ran to the store and finished writing my talk.  I was asked to give a talk on Father’s Day (tomorrow).  Let me tell you, I have been a complete spazzed out mess ever since the assignment was given.  I cannot wait until 2 o’clock tomorrow when I am completely free of this burden.

June 19th

We slept in a little bit this morning, then Josh went to the gym.  It was a rough morning to actually get everyone going.


After Josh left for work, I took the kids shopping for Father’s Day gifts.  We also stopped at Old Navy to get some summer clothes.  It’s almost the end of June and Ashton has finally gotten over wearing jeans!  Thank goodness!!!  I almost just threw them all away, forcing him to either wear undies or shorts. :)  During naps, Emmy and I worked on this puzzle and listened to music. She is a puzzle GENIUS!!! Seriously, soooo smart!!!!thumb_IMG_5304_1024

Austin came over to playthumb_IMG_5305_1024

Addie Brower babysat tonight while Josh and I went to the Parade of Homes.  We didn’t have a huge desire to go again, we are both kind of overwhelmed by all the homes we had already seen.  But it is so good we went.  We still saw many great ideas and gained more hope for our own dream house….

Oh, and for journal purposes….On Tuesday, the soil testers went to the lot and dug a hole.  They were checking for water and they knew we needed it to be a deep hole for a basement.  They called Josh and said “It’s good, you’re all good to go”  We were so excited.  But on Wednesday, Josh got the letter from the soil testers saying after digging down 6 feet, they saw rust in the soil and stopped digging.  So from that letter, the city would NOT approve a basement, even though all of our neighbors have basements.  Josh kind of freaked out and let them have it the next day.  He is the bomb.  So TODAY Josh met them back at the lot to make sure they dug the 20 feet they were SUPPOSED to dig.  If Josh hadn’t been there to supervise, they would have done a half-A job again, for sure!  The good news….they dug 20 feet and didn’t find water!  YEAH HOOO for real this time!!!!!

Josh and I looked at a few houses, then walked to the Saratoga Hot Springs, saw another house, then went to dinner at Chubby’s.  I sure do love and NEED my date nights!!!!

June 18th

We colored a little bit

thumb_IMG_5271_1024It was a very boring morning so I forced the kids into the car to go have a picnic at Canyon View Park.  Druw came with us and made it fun!thumb_IMG_5276_1024

thumb_IMG_5278_1024During naps, I played checkers and Connect 4 with Ash. thumb_IMG_5289_1024When it cooled off outside, we all went out to play.  Here’s Ash being the sweet big brother, againthumb_IMG_5290_1024And again…thumb_IMG_5291_1024And photobombing his sisters that are sitting so sweetly behind himthumb_IMG_5294_1024I just can’t even tell you how sweet Ashton is.  He cracks me up all day, too.

June 17th

We went to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point this morning.


I had never been there before and it was a really cute little place.  thumb_IMG_5221_1024


There was a little barn where you could go through the steps of planting, harvesting, and putting the food in a market.  These three little guys were busy busy busy for probably and hour, maybe longer.thumb_IMG_5245_1024

Ash and I hung out watching the littles play, talking and looking at old pictures on my phone, laughing and laughing.  It’s so strange that Ash is too big to do the things “little kids” like.  I love hanging out with him.  He cracks me up.thumb_IMG_5238_1024

Annie came running up to me to tell me she was so nice for sharing with a little boy.  I gave her a hug and she kissed me, so proud of herself.  She turned and ran away so happily, tripped and fell right on her face.  It was so sad!  I picked her right up and then all the blood started!  Her mouth was full and overflowing with blood in about 2 seconds!!!  I told Ashton to gather up Emmy and Ethan and meet me at the bathroom and took off.  See that white shirt I was wearing above?  Yeah, blood all over it.  After a long time, the bleeding calmed down so I could see where it was coming from.  You know me, the spazz mom. I was sure her lip would be hanging off, needing stitches.  It turned out to be alright, just a couples punctures in her poor baby lip. I realize that I am completely blessed when I say that this injury wins for the bloodiest of all my children’s injuries.  thumb_IMG_5247_1024

Sooooo, then it was on to the pony rides….In 6th grade I did a research report on Miniature Horses.  My mom drove me hours away to be able to see real ones. Then the lady brought one of her miniature horses to my school for my report!!!  It was awesome! I was OBSESSED! After seeing this, I might have become obsessed again….AH!thumb_IMG_5248_1024

I mean, LOOK AT THIS!!!!  He should be riding his own tiny horse around the neighborhood!!!!



Ash waited for two sessions until he could get the biggest horse…thumb_IMG_5258_1024

He still felt a little silly going around in a circle.  He kills me!thumb_IMG_5260_1024

While waiting in line, Annie was crying and crying.  I was holding her (with a wet tissue in her mouth soaking up the blood). I kept saying things like,”Annie, you can’t ride a pony if you’re crying.” “Annie, you have to wait for your turn”, “It’s almost your turn”, “Yes, you can ride on that tiny pony”,”You have to stop crying, though”, “Stop crying, it’s almost your turn”, etc. etc. etc.  When it was her turn, I took her in to choose a pony and she was still crying. I thought the pony she wanted was taken. So I told the dude we would wait until the next turn. She was still crying and crying.  FINALLY, I LISTENED to my poor, sweet baby. That whole time she was saying “I DON’T want to ride a pony!” Geez!!!!! I am THE worst. Sure there was a glob of tissue in her mouth and I never would have imagined a little girl being afraid of a tiny pony.  But she was terrified. thumb_IMG_5250_1024

I really have been working on being a better listener.  I usually have two or three of them talking to me all at once and I’m just fielding each sentence, frantically.  Anyhoo, I thought we would head over to Jessi’s for a visit but by the time we were done, the kiddies were DONE.  We grabbed some lunch on the way home, had naps, the older kids played outside, then Josh and I finished our deck.