May 6th

This morning, Cari and I drove to Brianhead to meet all the Harris ladies for a girls weekend.  The moms had already been there for a day and then all the daughters were coming today.  Cari and I were the first daughters and we got a few hours with the aunts all to ourselves.  We played games, watched movies, played pool, ate lots of food and treats, and talked.  It was a cozy, great, snowy couple of days.

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May 5th

I was slightly panicked at the amount of work I had left to do on these Mother’s Day cookies.  Annie and I ran to Walmart for supplies and then I frosted and frosted and packaged all afternoon.  I prayed for a time miracle because acoording to my calculations, I had four hours left of work to do.  Somehow I finished in two hours!!!!  It was a legit miracle!!!

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Meanwhile, Ethan was at the Hogle Zoo on a field trip.  thumb_IMG_5133_1024

I am so grateful these awesome moms were able to go.  Tosha sent me a whole bunch of cute pictures.thumb_IMG_5135_1024

After school, we went straight to the dentist.

thumb_IMG_5138_1024 thumb_IMG_5140_1024

And these cute mouths are ALL CAVITY FREE!!!!!


Emmy had her last game tonight.  She says she wants to play in the fall for sure!!!


May 4th

I went shopping for jeans this morning.  At one point, Annie was running to catch up and tripped and fell.  She was crying and crying and Ethan grabbed his shirt to wipe away her tears.  He is A PERFECT ANGEL BOY!!!!


And when we got home, they rode bikes together….thumb_IMG_5104_1024

Then Austin came over for lunch and a ride to school…thumb_IMG_5106_1024

After school, the swimming party was at Tosha’s house this time. :) thumb_IMG_5112_1024

Emmy didn’t feel like having her swimming suit on so she just read her book and chatted with the moms.  I love her!


Ethan is such a ham.


Then we rushed off to the last swimming lesson session.  Ashton’s teacher wanted to teach him how to do the butterfly and had him wait for the higher class.  Ashton was sooooooo nervous, like sick sick nervous.  See his face as he looks nervously up at the big kid next to him?


Here are these nuts waiting for Ashton…Ashton did so great!  His teacher wants him to be on the swim team for sure.  Emmy’s teacher also says she should be on the swim team.  Ethan is pretty good at swimming….I guess.  His teacher never said one word to  me and I never saw any actual swimming from any of her students.  I feel like Ethan got the shaft, though he passed all the requirements for the class.  Oh well.  But Annie totally knows how to swim.thumb_IMG_5123_1024

May 3rd

Ashton and Ethan have needed hair cuts for weeks now.  We finally did it today!  They look fabulous…oh, this is the BEFORE shot :)


Party at Steph’s…ALWAYS!!!


Ethan had his last soccer game tonight.  He was running all over the place and got the ball lots and lots.thumb_IMG_5079_1024 thumb_IMG_5084_1024

Then I took the boys home and Annie came with me to Emmy’s game.  thumb_IMG_5088_1024

The first, or second, warm game of the season!




May 2nd

Steph got all the moms to go out and have a picnic at the park today.


We had swimming lessons….


Then we hurried to get to the school for “Alice in Wonderland” to support Druw who has been rehearsing for a couple months.  I bugged Ash to be in it but he just didn’t want to.  However, he was chosen from the audience to be one of the croquet arches.  I was totally happy!!!! He was in it after all!thumb_IMG_5054_1024

The kiddies all played on the playground for a LONG time afterwards.  It was a good family night!
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