April 3rd

Today has been rough, honestly.  It is the first day of Spring Break and I am panicking a little bit about being at home for a whole week with nothing to do with my poor kids.  All of the cousins and friends will be out of town.  We were supposed to be moving into our house but that won’t happen until this weekend, maybe.  K, look, it’s that time of the month so I’m super emotional anyway, but I’ve been depressed and on the verge of a sobbing breakdown all day.  I have also been dreading the good-bye party that Steph and Kass put together for us tonight. Luckily, it was super casual and I didn’t even cry!  I held it together very well and made it through the night.  It was freezing, that helped take my mind off the reason we were out there. 😀  It tears my heart in pieces that our kids won’t be able to just run next door to Steph and Kassy’s.  We will still be close but it is going to be different and that hurts me sooooo much.

April 2nd

We relaxed and watched conference today.  I just love every minute of conference with these guys.  I take pictures all day.  I just want to capture the moments of sweetness which seem to occur every moment. I don’t do all the amazing pinterest ideas for GC.  I print out activity packets and have treats for when they hear certain words or see Grampa singing.  That’s about the extent of my preparation.  I just want my babies to remember the feelings and love being together.  Yesterday, when we missed watching the Saturday sessions, Annie was so sad.  Before bed she asked if she could watch just 5 minutes of conference and have some treats and color.  That was the sweetest request ever.

Emmy did my hair.  LOVE.

In between sessions, we had lunch and then played outside together.

Kris took this picture of Dad as he sang “How Firm a Foundation”, the closing song of the last session.  My heart is bursting. I love it so much!!!

April 1st

It is General Conference Weekend.  Not only that, but it is Dad’s last conference before his retirement from the choir in a couple weeks.

We recorded the sessions today and spent the day as a fam, working at the house.  Ashton and Jordan worked super hard.

Emmy worked super hard.

Ethan worked super hard.

Annie worked super hard whenever we gave her a job.  She LOVES working.  We had to stop for a pizza break.  Then the work continued.

There were many play breaks, also.  I caught these guys practicing their runway moves.  They played some serious hide and seek and Pac Man Tag out on the driveway cement.

I took them back home at about 2.  Then Ash babysat while they all relaxed.  I went back and helped Josh until it was time for the Priesthood Session.  He went with Nate and his dad.

March 31st

I decided to just play with Annie this morning.  She needs some attention and we just played and tickled all morning.

I delivered the bathroom mirrors to the house and then Annie and I stayed to vacuum the master closets and bathroom.  Annie was such a great helper, as usual.  The inspector was there and we, of course, failed the inspection.  

It was another freezing, FREEZING night but it wasn’t raining and Josh was able to come to the games.  It’s more fun when Josh is around.  

Ashton babysat while Josh and I worked at the house all night.  We have such great kids.  They just watched “Monster Trucks” and had a sleep over in the family room. Josh and I got home at 12:30.

March 30th

Steph has been subbing in Jayda’s class all week.  For part of the day, she gets to teach Ash and Druw’s science class!  So today she sent me pictures of Ash’s chemical reaction demonstration.  Cool!

Ash had his maturation class today and DID NOT want me to be there.  So I babysat Paisley while Kassy went.  Annie wanted to make ‘banana pie’ with our bananas.  It was rather difficult with all of our baking stuff packed.  We figured it out though and it turned out pretty delicious.

It was another FREEZING and RAINY day.  Ethan’s soccer game wasn’t canceled but there was no way I was going to go out in the bad weather.

All of our carpet was installed today!!!!  After I put the kids to bed, I went over to just SEE it.  It was such a mess, I ended up staying to vacuum the whole upstairs.  I figured out how to use my new central vac and I vacuumed EVERYTHING!  Baseboards, shelves, drawers, stairs, everything!  I was working as fast as I could and was tired and at about 11:30, as I stood up from vacuuming Ashton’s bathroom base board, I banged my forehead right into his towel bar.  I have a gash right in the middle of my forehead.  Luckily, no stitches were necessary.  There is just so much work to do.  SOOOOO MUCH.