May 24th

Ethan was the Reverence Child in Sharing Time today.  Oh my goodness!  This boy!!!

thumb_IMG_4467_1024He also got to be the mailman to deliver birthday cards and opening exercise assignments for next week.  thumb_IMG_4471_1024After church, we decided to start walking to Grammy’s instead of waiting for Josh.  We went about 1 1/2 miles before Josh picked us up.  thumb_IMG_4482_1024

thumb_IMG_4485_1024Everyone was at dinner tonight so we just went for it and took a family picture.  Kids were in dress ups with face paint, I was in PJ’s and there were no matching colors.  Tuh-duuuuh! Perfection!  I love it!


May 23rd

Annie went to her first real birthday party this morning! Jocelyn invited her to come dressed as a princess to her 3rd Birthday Party and Annie was SOOOO EXCITED!

thumb_IMG_4441_1024Josh and I got to do the Stunt Run this morning!!!!  My parents came and watched our kiddies while we ran.  It was so great to have a little cheering section!thumb_IMG_4449_1024Here is Lindsey’s “Zulu Tribe” team:

Ryan, Jaime, Eddie, Linz, McKenzie, Trent, Us, Whit, Richthumb_IMG_4460_1024It was so much fun and we had surprisingly perfect weather the whole time!!!!  We all went to Wingshack for lunch afterwards.  It was a great morning!!!thumb_IMG_4455_1024We were soooo wiped out the rest of the day.  Josh and I laid out in the back while the littles took naps.  Then Josh worked on his Bug and I ran errands.

May 22nd

Annie got this FLARP junk at Walmart the other day.  She has taken it with her every where, endless fart sounds to crack her up all day.  She wanted to sleep with it during her nap.  I should have said ‘no’ but I let her anyway.  That little nut must have been playing with it in the dark because when I got her out of bed, it was ALL OVER her blankets and pillow!  UGH!  Well, later, when I was all ready for my date and the babysitter was about to arrive, Annie came to me with this mess….


So I washed her hair and combed it all out.  I finished just as the doorbell rang! PHEW!!!


Josh and Eddie owed their customer service team a night out…or something…so we all went to Shoga for dinner.  It was delicious, as always.  Then Eddie and Lindsey took them all to “Pitch Perfect 2″. Josh didn’t want to see it again so we traded our tickets to see “Poltergeist”. That’s how much I love Josh. I knew he really wanted to see it so I put on my big girl pants and tried to be brave for him.  It was scary, but the story was just the same as the first version, so it wasn’t too terrible…..UNTIL we decided to drive around the Provo river bottoms, looking at houses.  I WAS SOOOOO JUMPY!  Those streets were so dark and creepy!!!  Nope, nope, nope.  I cannot do scary movies.

Meanwhile, Emmy got to sleep over at McKynlee’s with all these fun cousins.  They had a blast!  Steph is the Sleepover Queen!

thumb_IMG_4434_1024 thumb_IMG_4435_1024

May 21st

These two!  I came in the room and found them jumping on my bed.  I don’t know why it must be stripped down to be able to jump on it. Crazy nuts!

thumb_IMG_4392_1024AAAAND while I was running on the treadmill, Annie decided to ditch her nap and paint her fingernails!!!!!  She didn’t even spill one drop, if you can believe it!!!  Another miracle!!!  We had a sit down about fingernail polish, naps, then I put her back to bed.thumb_IMG_4397_1024Ethan had his preschool graduation tonight.  Little Readers is THE BEST!!!!! thumb_IMG_4419_1024Miss Nicole said Ethan is just the sweetest and he was just sooo awesome when it was singing and dancing time.  I believe that!thumb_IMG_4421_1024He is such a doll!!!!thumb_IMG_4422_1024

May 20th

I love my reading kids!!!

I’m so grateful that Emmy and Ashton can read to the little guys.  If I sit down to read them a book, my brain immediately starts to turn off and fall asleep.  It’s like torture trying to stay awake!  I want to read but I JUST CAN’T DO IT!!!!