April 23rd

I went running outside this morning.  Oh, and after a week of beautiful Spring weather, today turned blustery, rainy and freezing….which, I guess, is totally Utah Spring weather.  ANYHOO, I was pretty depressed when I woke up but running helped.  When I got home, we all got to work: weeding, mowing, edging, cleaning, playing, riding bikes, etc.  Josh had to run to Home Depot for a bunch of junk.  I told the kids after all their work, we would go to the Provo Rec.  (All they want to do is swim and I LOVE IT!)  So after lunch we went, and we brought Druw and Kyn with us.  (Josh was still running a bunch of errands and had too much work or else he would have come.)


Annie’s Star Fish Float.  She loves it! Annie is so good at complimenting people.  A group of girls had mermaid tails and she was sooooo in love with those tails!  She wanted one so bad.  She went to ask a little girl if she could wear one and I wouldn’t let her.  As we were leaving, she was standing by the pile of mermaid tails on the side of the pool.  I told her we had to leave and she said, “But Mom, I need to talk to those girls!” I said “Annie, they won’t let you wear their mermaid tails.” And she said, “No, Mom.  I need to tell them their mermaid tails are so beautiful!”  What a doll she is!!!!

thumb_IMG_4821_1024 thumb_IMG_4833_1024

We came home and made pancakes on this blustery, cold day, with a fire in the fireplace.  I must say, I loved it. Here is Emmy Bunyan, eating her gigantic pancake with a gigantic fork.  (On our Vegas trip, Josh was teasing Em about being in love with Paul Bunyan and now it has become her new nickname.  She fought it as first, as a teasing-victim always does, but now she has embraced it and it’s hilarious.)


April 22nd

These two played together this morning.  They didn’t even ask for friends to come over.  Ethan is just the sweetest brother in the world.  He built this fortress for Anne and then played with her.  Of course, he did play with his T-Rex and she played with princesses.

thumb_IMG_4790_1024 thumb_IMG_4794_1024

I let them play as long as I could.  Then we had to run some errands and go to the mall.  E continued to be so sweet, always taking good care of Anne.


After school, all the cousins played together.

thumb_IMG_4801_1024 thumb_IMG_4802_1024

Josh and I had a date night.  We finally went to the temple.  I am so glad we did!  It has been too long.  Then we ate dinner at The Trolley.


April 21st

Annie loves playing in the backyard.  She goes out to swing and swing and swing.  She brings me lovely bunches of dandelions wherever she goes.  I wish I had a video of her bringing this ‘flower’ to me.  She was opening the sliding glass door, holding this dandelion while sneezing and sneezing and sneezing.  Probably four sneezes.  It was so adorable!!


Emmy had a soccer game at 5:30.  She did awesome and was much better at dribbling instead of just kicking it and being done. :)


Then Ethan had a game at 6:30.  He was great, also!  He was goalie for a while and blocked so many shots.  I was so proud of him!

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April 20th

This day was nuts from the moment I opened my eyes. I woke up early to get to the DMV to renew my license. THIS is why it has taken me almost two years to do it.  I’ve BEEN TO the DMV several times and have walked right back out.  Anyhoo, this is the line beginning before the place even opened!!!!   But I passed the test and my picture is crappier than ever, so that’s good.


I hurried home, ran to Walmart with E and Anne.  Then we hurried home, unloaded, then picked up Austin to go to the library with Steph.  It was so much for the kiddies!!!

thumb_IMG_4720_1024 thumb_IMG_4724_1024

Then we went out to the park and had a picnic.



Josh got home a tiny bit early and was sooo tired after a long day of work and house loan stuff.  He laid down on the bed for a second, thinking he could have a quick nap, but then decided to come with us to swimming lessons.  What a great dad!  He also assembled Ashton’s Pinewood Derby car on the way.  After swimming lessons, Ashton’s teacher came and told me that Ash is an amazing swimmer.  He said he is catching on to everything sooooo quickly and his breast stroke is flawless.  Josh couldn’t believe how fast and smooth his freestyle was.  I KNOW!!!!  He is soooo good!  We rushed to the church right after swimming for the Pinewood Derby.  The boys had tons of fun and Ashton’s car won almost every heat.  One car was having serious problems on its first two races.  Josh tweaked it a little bit and from then on it was THE fastest.  In the end, that car won first place, Westin won second and Ashton won third.  Pretty awesome.





April 19th

Hailey came over to play today.  She is a doll.



Emmy had to do some field research so we all went to the park with her.


Emmy had a bye week but Ethan had a soccer game tonight.  He did great.