March 25th

I am happy to report that we are still reading a chapter in The Book of Mormon each morning!!!


It seems like these kids always have days off from school and when they are in school, it’s some kind of spirit day. That’s all I will say…. Anyhoo, today was crazy hair day and Emmy came up with this plan all by herself.  Cutie.  Ashton seems to have as much spirit as I do this time around and just did his normal hair.IMG_2465

The Pinewood Derby was tonight.  I may have been a little bit panicky when the track guy didn’t show up until 10 minutes before it started (after I called him twice).  It all worked out, though!  IMG_2470

Ashton’s car did really well and he won Most Sporty.  IMG_2487

March 24th

At Running Club today the kids made these t-shirts!  So cool!!!!


Lots of friends came over to play today.  Right before bedtime, Emmy did some Face Painting on Annie.IMG_2450

She had an apple on each cheek and leaves all over the rest of her face.  She felt sooooo beautiful! :)IMG_2457

March 23rd

Just another normal Monday, cleaning the house like crazy, doing all the weekend recovery junk.  I was so excited to use my FitBit for the first time today!!!  When I was getting ready for bed, I noticed that I was at 7.98 Miles, so I ran around the room for a minute until I hit 8. And THAT’S exactly what Josh knew I would do with this thing: have races with and challenge myself. IMG_2446

We had FHE and then Ashton finished putting his Pinewood Derby car together.  He is so proud of it because he sanded it and painted it all by himself while Josh was at Lake Tahoe.


(He had to pull himself together to get this project done.  He and his best pal were throwing rocks on Saturday and broke a window on Nate’s car.  He was grounded all day and was STRESSING OUT about the talk he was going to have with Josh when he got home. Ashton cried and cried all night, like ALL NIGHT, during the talk, during FHE, and while writing an apology letter. This IS my journal, so I’m just documenting :) )

March 22nd

At 1 AM Jessi’s laptop battery exploded and almost burned down their house.  Luckily, she and Gary listened to the promptings of the Holy Ghost and were able to make it out and still have their house, family and belongings. Their neighbors say they were sure their house was going down, judging by the flames they could see!  The inspector said he has never seen such damage caused by a laptop explosion. They will have to live in a hotel for a month while their house is cleaned!!! A WHOLE MONTH!!

After church, Ali and Ammon McBride (our very favorite neighbors who are attached to our house who are moving), Eddie, his boys, Justin, Kassy, Rich, Dallas, Peyton, Cari and Doug came over for Corned Beef.  It was a great night of friends and family. We only have corned beef once a year and I always forget how delicious it is!

IMG_2437When Rich and Dallas came in, everybody was greeting with hugs.  Annie was the last one to get to Rich. She gave him a huge hug then said “You are fat” as she walked up the stairs.  Then she grabbed Rich’s hand and made him walk with her to my room, saying “Why are you fat?” When they got into my room, she said “You are like BayMax” OH MY GOSH!!!!  Rich was dying!!!  He came out and told us all of her compliments.  As he was telling us, Annie came out with Josh’s blood pressure cuff and gave it to Rich.  We were doubled-over with laughter!!!  Could. Not. Stand. Up.  It was just too funny!  Rich kept saying “I cannot deactivate until you say you are satisfied with your care.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Annie started crying and we figured out later that she wanted Rich to cuddle with her and watch Big Hero 6 in my room.  Aaaawwwwww, too cute.IMG_2438

March 21st

We went to the mall this morning.  We went for very specific needs and couldn’t find anything acceptable (to Emmy and Ashton’s tastes).  The kids were really good, but still, I will never go to the mall with all four by myself ever, ever, ever EVER again.


Annie got to go to the park with Jocelyn’s family this afternoon.  SUCH CUTE FRIENDS!!!!IMG_2419

Emmy played with Kyn and Tenley all afternoon.  And these boys all played together (with sweet Hai)IMG_2421

AND AT ABOUT 7:30 PM, JOSH GOT HOME FROM TAHOE!!!!!!! He had a great week with his pals and I am sooooo happy he got to go.  But we are all soooooo soooo happy to have him back home!!!!