November 17th

Josh’s condition was mostly unchanged all day.  Lots of sleeping, fever, and he stayed stoned on pain pills.  I am a little bit freaked out….

In other news, since Josh was home, Ethan wanted to stay home and watch “AntMan” with Josh while I ran to the Scout Office.  I went to the office, had the car washed, and picked up Annie and the girls from preschool. Then we had lunch, I took E to the bus, then Annie and I delivered all the Pack Night flyers and went to WalMart.  While Annie took a nap, I ran on the treadmill and then went tanning since Josh was home. The kiddies got home from school, did their homework so quickly and then went right out to play in the snow again!


Hailey came over to play and saved Annie’s afternoon…thumb_IMG_0369_1024Josh’s fever came back at about 7 PM.  UUUUUGHHHH!!!!  I cannot handle Josh being sick.  I seriously have tiny heart attacks all day and, of course, imagine the worst possible scenarios.

November 16th

We woke up to a winter wonderland!  It was snowing and it was beautiful!  Emmy, Ethan and Annie were so excited for breakfast. 😀 Not my idea and it almost made me puke by the time it all melted together.


Josh stayed home from work today, so sick.  He really slept THE WHOLE day.  We babysat Charlotte and Parks this morning and I cleaned the house.thumb_IMG_0336_1024

All the kids were out playing in the snow until it was dark.  (I’m so glad I kind of organized their snow clothes when I put them away in the Spring!)thumb_IMG_0339_1024 thumb_IMG_0343_1024 thumb_IMG_0346_1024 thumb_IMG_0351_1024 thumb_IMG_0355_1024

At about 6, Josh decided he had better go to the doc.  He went to our doctor and they took some tests and then said he should go to the ER to be checked out for possible appendicitis. Leslie came right over and took care of the kids and I took Josh to the hospital. (Me = completely panicked lunatic)thumb_IMG_0357_1024

They took all kinds of blood and urine to test and he had a CT scan.  He was in soooooo much pain and had a fever of 103.  They gave Josh morphine and he was able to relax a little bit.  We waited and waited and waited.  Nate and Justin came and gave Josh a blessing.  Finally, after 4 hours, the doctor came back and said they didn’t know what was wrong!!!!  He said it wasn’t appendicitis, or kidneys or liver or anything they could see.  They gave Josh some antibiotics through an IV, some more morphine and then sent us home at 1:30 AM, with no answers except they didn’t think Josh would die tonight.thumb_IMG_0359_1024

November 15th

Today was the Primary Program in Sacrament Meeting.  Oh, how I love my kiddies!!!! I taught my class, we mostly just played games.  We came home, had lunch, drew pictures and worked on a puzzle while listening to church music. Ashton is such a sweet brother.  He decided to turn his binder filled with his favorite artwork into a combined binder for him and Ethan. Then he and E colored this cover picture.

thumb_IMG_0329_1024 thumb_IMG_0330_1024

Josh wasn’t feeling very well at his mom’s for dinner.  So we came home at 7 and watched “Where the Red Fern Grows”.  Ashton LOVED it!!!!!  Well, they all did but Ash really did.

November 14th

This morning I took the girls to Disney On Ice with Steph, Kyn, Hailey, Tosha, Jocelyn, Tiffany, Tessa, JulieAnn, Raegan and McKinley. It was a MAGICAL morning and made me NEED to go to Disneyland SOOOOO BADLY!!!!!  Annie was in heaven the WHOLE time!  Jumping and screaming and dancing! She LOVED it.  Emmy sat, not crazy excited, the whole time.  Then on the way home, she said she wanted to come back for the next performance.


thumb_IMG_0258_1024 thumb_IMG_0295_1024

We all ate at Zupas at Thanksgiving Point.thumb_IMG_0304_1024

Then we stopped to help Jess decorate for her book launch.  We weren’t a ton of help and Annie was sooooo tired so we didn’t stay long…thumb_IMG_0307_1024

Josh had a house full of boys all day.  Here they are watching a drawing tutorial…I forget what they were learning to draw…thumb_IMG_0309_1024

We had Johana come babysit at the last minute and Josh and I went to the book launch.  It was a great night!  I am soooooo excited for Jess and so proud of her book!thumb_IMG_0314_1024 thumb_IMG_0324_1024

Josh and I needed a date so badly and so after the ball, we went to see “Spectre”.  It was really good.

November 13th

I have had it with my eyelashes!!!  First world problems, I know.  I’m not even going to go into details because it’s so silly  Anyhoo, I went to Lindsey’s eyelash lady today and got extentions.  (The first thing she said to me was “You HAVE long eyelashes!” Sigh, I know. I’m a brat.)  But here are my new eyelashes and I still have to get used to them, but I’m pretty sure I love them!


Josh came straight home after his meetings in Salt Lake and it was only 4 o’clock!!!!  WHAT A SURPRISE!!!!  So, Emmy and I went to Leslie’s shop so I could find a dress to wear to Jessi’s Book Launch Ball. Every time I go in to the shop, I want to try on all the dresses…..Well, I think I am cured of that. WAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! Here comes the mid-life crisis!!!  Oh, it was so depressing!!!  I am just old and I had NO business putting on those dresses for young, twirly girls.  Sure, they fit, but man, I’m old.  I did find a beautiful dress that was more age-appropriate than the others.  Emmy gave Paw a hug on our way out.thumb_IMG_0248_1024

We stopped at Cari’s house on the way home.  We held Betsy for an unacceptably short amount of time. We also saw the news of several terrorist attacks taking place in Paris.