March 13th

Josh left for Florida this morning.  I was in a straight up panic as I worked ALL DAY to clean out this house. Tomorrow Jason is coming to take pictures/video of this place and to put it up for sale which means people will want to come by and see it!  I am freaking out.  I worked all morning, picked up Annie from preschool, went to Costco, fed Annie lunch.  Luckily, Jocelyn wanted Annie to play so I ran two miles on the treadmill and then got back to work.  Then I picked up the kids from school and continued to work.  I cleaned all the baseboards, walls, and corners, while doing laundry in between.

Brianna came over to play with Jayda and Emmy.

Annie brought Jocelyn over to play at our house.

Ethan and Drake played all afternoon and Ashton played football with his pals.

For FHE, all the kids helped me move all those boxes over to the new house.  I was very proud of myself because Ash asked if I would play catch with him as I was about to load up the car.  I totally stopped what I was doing and he and I played football until it was too dark to play anymore.  Then he and I took the last load over to the house.  The lights were ON!!!!  It was INCREDIBLE!!!!  SO GORGEOUS!!!!

With our current house completely simplified and mostly empty, it feels much, MUCH better.  It seems almost big enough again.  As I tucked in the boys, I felt super sad about leaving our tiny house, where we are all jammed together all the time.  I am really nervous with all the space we will have. 

March 12th

We had Stake Conference this morning.  It was good, I love Pres. Hiskey.  Josh walked home with the kiddies and gave Annie a shoulder ride THE WHOLE way home!

I had to drive Josh back to the church to get his truck since we drove separately.  When we got home, I found Ash making lunch for the little guys!  What a doll!  Josh had to hurry back to the office to try to fix things.  It is a serious problem but even more serious because he leaves for Florida in the morning and will be gone all week!

It was a gorgeous day and the kids drew pictures, we delivered scout food drive flyers, we went for walks and Ashton and Emmy played catch together.  I LOVE that EMmy wanted to go play and learn!


We went to Grammy’s for dinner, even though Josh wasn’t home.  Grammy taught the girls how to play a game with cups singing “Parler vous francias”.  It was cute.  Josh finally made it at 7:30, everything was all fixed.



March 11th

Josh woke up early to take Ash, Bo and Nick to the BYU Pow Wow.  

I’m so glad Josh took them instead of me.  He’s way more fun than I am.

Josh and I decided to just try to sell our house.  So while he was at the Pow Wow, I started packing up EVERYTHING that wasn’t completely necessary.  I also cleaned as I went and threw away a ton of stuff.  Then Emmy, E and I took Annie to swimming lessons. 

Josh had to go up to the office for THE REST of of the day to try to get the internet and phones to work. I cleaned the house, the garage and the back yard.  Thank goodness for gorgeous weather.  The kiddies played and played and played.

We worked and played so late that I finally got them food at the Little Acorn at 7:30. Josh didn’t get home until 10 PM, still no working phones or internet.

March 10th

Annie and I ran all kinds of errands this morning.  She was so patient and happy through all of it so she got to choose something at the dollar store (her idea).  Then she got to play at Hailey’s while I cleaned the house and took a shower. When I picked up the kids from school, Ash, Druw, Trevan, Banks and Nick came running to the car.  They all wanted to come over so they all called their moms and piled into the car. They played football and neighborhood games all afternoon.

I noticed Kass over on Steph’s deck and a bunch of girls jumping on the tramp, including Annie, so I went over to hang out.  It was a gorgeous afternoon and it made me 100% sad to be leaving the neighborhood.  My heart was literally breaking, like I could feel actual pain!

For one of his last Faith in God requirements, Ashton had to plan an outing with his parents.  So tonight he decided that we would go to Panda Express for dinner then see “Fantastic Beasts”.  We had to pick up Josh at his new office in Lehi.  It is pretty nice but soooo far away!!!

March 9th

Annie and Parks are such cute little buddies.  When we dropped him off after preschool, he got the mail and Annie jumped out to help him carry it all.  So darling.

The weather has been amazing the last couple of days!  Ethan is feeling like my happy little guy again.  After each correct spelling word, he did little victory jigs, moonwalks, running man dances.  He’s hilarious.

Then we went out with all the kids to play. Ethan wanted to play with ME instead of his friends. AAAWE!!!!

We went to the house to check things out.  Everything is looking so gorgeous!  I can’t even believe it!!