February 20th

President’s Day – No School

I picked up Ethan and Annie from Kiff’s house this morning.  They had a good time.

They were super tired on the way home.

Emmy went to Tenley’s birthday party at Lulu’s Craft Corner.  She had a blast, of course!

Ang and Shawn brought Ashton home from Jessi’s and picked up their girls on the way home to CO.  They stayed and talked for a while.  After they left, Josh left with Eddie for Lake Tahoe.  It’s the annual guys’ trip.  I ran on the treadmill while Annie took a short nap.  Then we went to get haircuts for Ash and E.

Then we went to see “Lego Batman”.  It was HILARIOUS!!!!  We all loved it!  

February 19th

We had Ward Conference this morning.  I just had to snap a couple pictures of the sweetness around me.  I was just thanking my Heavenly Father through the whole meeting for these amazing children I have and how sweet they are. They also announced that the Bishopric would be reorganized next week.  I was super weepy the rest of the day.

Josh’s dad was admitted into the hospital yesterday for high blood pressure and pain.  He has been in ICU since last night so we went to see him after church.  He was mostly sleeping.  I did NOT like being there or seeing him in the hospital.  

Ang called and said she was in town and wondered if the girls could have a sleep over.  We met Ang and Jess in Pleasant Grove.  Ash went with all the boys to Jessi’s house.  Stephanie, Anastasia and Saralyn came home with us, and Annie and Ethan got to sleep over at Kiff’s with Savannah.  What a shuffle of cousins!  


February 18th

Josh headed right over to the house this morning, by way of Home Depot.  Annie went to Paisley’s birthday party, Ashton had a scouting event, and the E kids and I went over to help Josh at the house.  We beat him over there and worked on cleaning up all the sawdust and wood piles.

Josh was at the house again all day.  I was in and out, picking up and dropping off kids, checking on kids, and being a mom.  

I had to leave at 2 to help set up for the Blue and Gold Banquet.  

Josh needed my help at the house so I made him take a quick dinner break with us.  He brought food for me and we had the most annoying, white-trashy dinner.  It was really the worst.  Josh went back to the house, I took the kiddies home, gave them all baths when Emmy told me that at McDonald’s a little girl said “I poop all over the walls.  Today I went to the doctor to see why I poop on the walls.”  WE WILL NEVER GO BACK EVER!!!!!  After all the kids were set, I went back to help Josh.  We white-washed about 3/4 of the planks and then we just had to quit. Josh just needed to be done for the night.  

February 17th

I went to the house with Josh this morning.  Here is the front porch all painted!  

The painters were there all night and we were so excited to see their work.  It’s a good thing we stopped by because I had to remind them that Emmy’s room was supposed to be white, NOT the same as the rest of the house.  I felt bad, but they were super nice and got right on it.

The family room looks AMAZING!!!!

Annie has been so bummed out lately.  I think the weather is making us all depressed.  It has been a long, dark, cold winter.  I miss my silly little buddy so we went to the Provo Rec Center this morning.  I hoped it would cheer her up.  At the last minute, I grabbed my own swimming suit.  I’m so glad I did.  We had a great morning swimming together. She is just a little mermaid.

Emmy and Annie got to go to Gwen Bingham’s for a movie night. What a party!  They watched “Trolls”.

We left Ash and Ethan home to watch “Dr. Strange” and Ashton babysat while Josh and I worked on our kitchen ceiling wood all night.  Ash and Emmy put Annie to bed and took great care of Ethan.  The painters were also at the house all night.

Here is a tiny fraction of the wood Josh and I pre-stained tonight.  Josh was working on them from noon until 11 PM.  I only joined him from 6:00-11 PM.  

February 16th

Annie got to go to Lowe’s XTreme Airsports for Hunter Richards’ birthday party.  Always a blast!

Steph’s tire blew on her way home so Kyn stayed over at our house after school for a little bit.  She and E practiced their spelling words together. 

Ethan did NOT want to practice the piano.  Can you tell where he is hiding and crying?

Yep, far FAR away from the piano in the pantry.  He really made it hard on himself having a little meltdown about practicing.  He finally did it and was finished very quickly and easily.  Silly boy.

More football.  This was the biggest neighborhood game I’ve ever seen!

I met Josh at the house.  The deck is almost finished!  When I went out, I seriously couldn’t breathe.  It is so beautiful, so huge, so completely overwhelming.  I may have been close to a real heart attack.

Bart painted the front porch tonight!!!!

Madeline stopped by to give Emmy one last hug before moving to California tomorrow.  Another pen pal for Emmy!  Fun!