September 30th

Emmy woke up with the headache she fell asleep with, as well as a slight fever.  So I kept her home.  I had to run up to Salt Lake (for the third day in a row) to get junk done for my NY trip next week.  So Emmy got to have a sick day in the car.  Somewhere along the way Annie wet her pants. Great. But they sure loved petting and grabbling these fish in the Koi pond! Wait, I’m seeing lots of wet spots in this picture….They could be puddles of pee.

thumb_IMG_8726_1024 thumb_IMG_8729_1024

These kiddies were so good while waiting thumb_IMG_8730_1024

Ethan and Annie almost always give each other huge hugs like this after school.  CUTEST. THING. IN. THE. WORLD.


Steph’s kids got to hang out at our house all afternoon while Steph went to the Conference Center with the YW.  Emmy was feeling fine by lunchtime and after a whole afternoon in bed, she was ready to party!thumb_IMG_8739_1024 thumb_IMG_8742_1024 thumb_IMG_8743_1024

Annie and Hailey played with my hair, too!  I was in heaven! :)thumb_IMG_8748_1024

September 29th

I checked the big kids out of school early today so we could head to SLC to fight for babies again.  It was kind of depressing this time because just earlier today, a judge issued a restraining order against Gov. Herbert who is trying to defund Planned Parenthood immediately.  Planned Parenthood people were there celebrating and soooooo proud of themselves. We just wanted to be there to peacefully thank the governor for fighting. A few PP people confronted our organizer.  They are just angry, completely uneducated fools.  It is so frustrating.


It was difficult to smile for these pictures….thumb_IMG_8701_1024

We made it back just in time for Ethan’s soccer game.  He played great tonight!thumb_IMG_8705_1024

And the best part of soccer….thumb_IMG_8710_1024

September 28th

Tonight Josh and I went to see Def Leppard!!!!!  I…I…I just really don’t have anything else to say about it.  I WENT TO A DEF LEPPARD CONCERT! My 10-13 year-old self would be sooooooo jealous right now!!!!  It was awesome! They sounded exactly the same as ever! Amazing!



September 27th

OH. MY. GOODNESS.  I haven’t been THIS tired in FOREVER!!!!!  I’m too old to have so many early morning bedtimes!!! Josh must have worked the babies so hard yesterday because during Sacrament Meeting, we were soooo miserably tired. I had Annie on my lap, my head bobbing next to hers, falling asleep, Ethan was laying on my lap and Emmy was laying against Ethan.  After church, a couple people told me we were soooo cute all cuddled up.  Ugh, they must not have seen my sleep face.

After church, Ethan and I read books…

thumb_IMG_8671_1024Emmy painted her nails…


Ash and Ethan drew pictures…thumb_IMG_8674_1024

Josh came home and we actually got to take a nap!!!!!!  HALLELUIAH!!!! I would not have survived without one!!! We went to Grammy’s for dinner and I got to see her “NEW” house!  It looks fabulous!!!  I am so happy for them!!!! When we got home, we all stood outside in our jammies looking at the Supermoon Harvest Moon Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon…thing….It was gorgeous and we all lived to tell the tale!thumb_IMG_8675_1024

September 26th

Today was Brittany’s birthday!  We totally slept in this morning!  It was soooooo great! We ate breakfast…actually not even brunch, it was breakfast AT lunchtime at The Egg & I.  Then we spent the whole afternoon totally chillin’ at Brittany’s aunt’s pool.  Such great conversation.  Laughing and crying.  Good times.


After some last minute shopping, we got ready and went to General Women’s Conference.  thumb_IMG_8754_1024

Then we ordered WAAAAAAY too much food at Buca di Beppo.  thumb_IMG_8755_1024

After dinner, Steph, Kassy, Tiff and I hit the road.  Once again, the drive went by sooooo quickly.  We got home at 1 AM. #SOMUCHFUN #ILOVETHESEGIRLS

OH!!!!  Meanwhile, Josh spent THE WHOLE DAY with the kiddies at his parents’ house, helping put things back together after the new carpet went in.

thumb_IMG_8667_1024 thumb_IMG_8666_1024