August 17th

Ash had soccer practice this morning.


I met Cari at our park right before lunch.  We hung out for just a little bit.  Then I had to run home to meet the air conditioner repair man.  While he was fixing things, all these kids ate lunch at our house.  I love the chaos but seriously, it was nuts.  It was also about 85 degrees in our house already.  The man fixed it in about 10 minutes.  PRAISES!!!!


After lunch, the boys played Minecraft and I left Ash to babysit E while the girls and I went to the mall.thumb_IMG_0269_1024

We had to buy school clothes and also figure out what to wear for family pictures.


I am so grateful our house is nice and cool again!  After dinner, Emmy vacuumed, Ash swept and E and Anne did the dishes.  I LOVE IT!!!

thumb_IMG_0275_1024 thumb_IMG_0278_1024

Then we rode bikes around the neighborhood, played cards, bathed, and watched the Olympics.

August 16th

We slept with all the windows open which was actually sooooo nice (though I was worried about criminals).

This morning I babysat Steph’s kids so she could go to Elder Holland’s talk at Education Week.


Lunch time


In the afternoon, to escape our non-air conditioned house, we ran a bunch of errands.  We exchanged Ash’s birthday presents and he got a huge Lego set.  Then we went to the Scout Office to get Ash his BOY SCOUT uniform.


We had the rain gutter regatta tonight.  It was a fun night and I am glad it’s over, as usual.  Westin won and Ethan could not have been more proud of his Wes.thumb_IMG_0260_1024 thumb_IMG_0263_1024

August 15th

Josh left for Florida this morning. I am not excited about a week without him.  I cleaned the house all morning.  The kids helped and I cleaned out closets and organized clothes. We also had some fun.


As I was putting Annie to bed, I noticed a strange burning smell and heard the air conditioner sounding like it was about to blow up.  Of course, the first night of Josh’s absence, the house is going to blow up.  I called Nate and Justin.  They came over to check things out and found that the air conditioner was frozen and a motor to the furnace wasn’t working.

thumb_IMG_0238_1024 thumb_IMG_0239_1024


August 14th

Another beautiful Sunday morning, walking to and from church…


We went to Grammy’s for dinner.  Will Beck broke his leg and his family is in California, so Justin brought him also.  Poor Will.  It is a terrible break and he was way drugged. Josh did a great job serving his bestie.thumb_IMG_0225_1024

August 13th

This morning Josh went on a bike ride.  Then I went running.


I refused to have another Saturday with no plans and no adventures so I decided we would go to Park City and do something new and fun with the kiddies.  It was disgustingly expensive but we had such a great time!  Ethan and Annie did the ropes course…thumb_IMG_0142_1024 thumb_IMG_0143_1024

Annie was just so talkative and friendly with this guy…She did great on the course and it was the cutest thing ever!

thumb_IMG_0154_1024 thumb_IMG_0159_1024 thumb_IMG_0169_1024

These guys played miniature golf.  Ethan loved it and did victory dances after almost every hole.thumb_IMG_0175_1024 thumb_IMG_0182_1024

We went on the Alpine Slide….thumb_IMG_0209_1024 thumb_IMG_0183_1024

Ashton was awesome and loved it.  Ethan rode on mine and I let him drive.  He also loved it.thumb_IMG_0192_1024

Just before Emmy’s turn, the attendant told the guy in front of her that if he went too fast, he would fly off the track.  That ENDED IT for Emmy.  She was NOT going to do it.  I went down with the boys and we waited for Josh, Annie and Emmy for about 30 minutes.  I was praying and praying that Em would be brave.  Josh worked his patient, Josh magic and he and Annie came down first.  Annie’s hands were up and he said she was yelling to go faster the whole time.  He told Emmy they would stay together the whole way down but he just couldn’t so they had to leave her behind.  She eventually came and we all cheered for her.  She overcame quite the fear and I am proud of her.thumb_IMG_0203_1024

We stopped at BANGARANG on the way home.  It is always Josh’s joke that we should eat there on dates.  The kids LOVED it and I must admit that the scones were crazy delicious and I ate way to much (which is why I hate buffets).