February 7th

We had a good day at church.  Ashton was the Spotlight and told the story of Lehi’s Vision of the Tree of Life.  Then I had my scout meeting.  I love the people I get to work with but I have to fight my bad attitude about meetings.  Anyhoo.  We hung out watching “17 Miracles” and Emmy finished knitting her hat for Corbin.  She took it over and Steph sent us a picture.


Sooooo cute!thumb_IMG_2291_1024

Then we totally chilled together all night watching the Super Bowl.  thumb_IMG_2293_1024

Cari and Doug came over for most of it.  All the kids LOVED playing with Betsy. Here is Ethan, shielding her eyes from ‘scary’ commercials (cars crashing)…thumb_IMG_2298_1024

Betsy really was all about watching football. She LOVED it…thumb_IMG_2309_1024

Ethan made sure she was comfy and happy…thumb_IMG_2312_1024 thumb_IMG_2314_1024 thumb_IMG_2317_1024 thumb_IMG_2328_1024 thumb_IMG_2329_1024

Emmy was pretty wiped out by the end of the game.  It was a great game and the Broncos won just for Josh!thumb_IMG_2331_1024

February 6th

Ashton had a basketball game this morning.  They were awesome and Ashton played amazing defense again.


And here is my happy guy after he scored!  He was soooo stokedthumb_IMG_2247_1024

I decided I would run home from the basketball game, almost 6 miles.  It was a gorgeous morning for a run and I LOVED IT!!!!!thumb_IMG_2253_1024

While Annie took a nap, we worked on Ethan’s Show and Teach project.  He is going to teach his class how to make SLIMEthumb_IMG_2254_1024

And then Emmy and I knitted hats and listened/sang to music.  It was THE BEST!thumb_IMG_2268_1024

Josh and I got to go out tonight. We went grocery shopping and then had dinner at Mo’ Bettah.  It was really yummy.  Then we wandered around IKEA until it was time for our movie.  We saw “Hail, Caesar!”  thumb_IMG_2272_1024

February 5th

Josh came home from work early today!!!  What a dream for me! We hung out at home all night, though.  Since our date is tomorrow night, I offered to hold Corbin and watch Steph’s kids so she and Nate could go out! So I sat here and cuddled with Corbin and watched these cute girls play for about an hour!!!


We also invited Jayda, Drake, Kyn and Druw to sleep over. Of course, the girls played school all night. thumb_IMG_2242_1024

The boys played video games all night…thumb_IMG_2239_1024

Then we put them all to  bed with movies on. The girls watched “Alice in Wonderland” and the boys watched “Hercules” (Disney)thumb_IMG_2241_1024

February 4th

We got to hang out with Henry and Betsy this afternoon while Cari attended to her bridesmaid duties for Brittney.

thumb_IMG_2197_1024 thumb_IMG_2209_1024

As I was making dinner, holding Betsy in my arms, she fell asleep! What a doll!!!thumb_IMG_2214_1024

Emmy and Ashton were best buds today and went to play in the snow just with each other, no other friends needed!  I love it!thumb_IMG_2218_1024

February 3rd

Emmy claimed to feel sick today. She didn’t have a fever or any symptoms, perhaps just needed a day alone in her bed reading. :)


Jocelyn came over to play…thumb_IMG_2178_1024

And so did Austin…thumb_IMG_2186_1024

We got the kiddies’ passports in the mail today!!!!  WHAT A RELIEF!!!!  We’ve been wanting to do this for so long and after all the hassle, it’s finally done!!!!thumb_IMG_2187_1024Ashton had a basketball game tonight.  He is freaking awesome at defense!