July 23rd

We PLANNED on getting up for the Children’s Parade but just could NOT get up.  Josh and I have been so tired lately.  We stayed in bed until 8:30 (when they were supposed to be at the parade).  Oh well.  So Josh worked on my car all morning and had to go buy parts and stuff.  We worked at home and in the yard.  Ethan was a good little helper.  Ashton mowed the lawn.


Then we went to Rich’s for the cousins party.

thumb_IMG_9458_1024 thumb_IMG_9459_1024

Josh ran to Costco to get stuff for Lake Powell while I took a shower nd got ready for our night.  It was Josh’s 20th Reunion for his graduating class.  They had a dinner and dance at the Provo City Library ballroom.  It was a fun night and I love that everyone LOVES Josh.  He really is THE BEST!!!!  I love him soooo much!!!

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July 22nd

We got to babysit Henry and Betsy today.  Emmy is such a great babysitter!  She even fed Bets while I made lunch for the other kiddies.

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It was 100 degrees today and we had no plans, so we went to the SF Pool.  Steph joined us which made it FABULOUS!!!!


Then it was Emmy’s turn to pass off her dinner requirement.  She planned BBQ’s hot dogs, corn on the cob and watermelon.  YUM YUM!


Then we went to the Spanish Fork Rodeo with most of Josh’s fam.  It was a fun night!thumb_IMG_9413_1024 thumb_IMG_9422_1024 thumb_IMG_9423_1024 thumb_IMG_9424_1024 thumb_IMG_9433_1024 thumb_IMG_9443_1024

We got home at 11:30!!!!  UUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!


July 21st

I had a little eyelash emergency this afternoon.  My original lady canceled so I had to find another CHEAP alternative.  I found a Groupon for a lady in SLC, called Braxton who came over to babysit, and spent the afternoon in SLC, driving all by myself, listening to my own music, and having my lashes done.  It was pretty nice.  When I got home, Little Miss Lightyear was asleep on my bed.


Ethan made Taco Soup for dinner.  He cooked up the hamburger and even opened all the cans!  What a cutie!  He was so proud of himself. When Annie woke up, he said “Annie, I made delicious soup for you.  You need to come eat it.  You’re gonna love it!”


Then the girls did the dishes. This was Annie’s second time helping and so Emmy trained her.  I love that stack of plates on top of the cups. After I took this picture, I ran to grab that glass plate that was about to go on the top of that tower. HAHAHA!


They even dried the dishes and put them all away.  I LOVE THESE GIRLS!!!!


Josh took the boys to a filming of a YouTube video.  They had a blast and hopefully Ash will have a little speaking part.  We will see.  While they were there, the girls and I went to the mall to buy Josh some birthday gifts.  They have been watching “Singing in the Rain” lately and Annie was tap dancing like crazy all through the mall.  It was so killer cute.  She’s going to have to be in dance when school starts!!!


On the way home, we spotted this Corndog truck.  Emmy thought it was hilarious so she took a picture.  We were dying laughing at how GORGEOUS this picture turned out!!!  With the sunset and a huge corndog.  AH!!!  That girl makes me laugh!


July 20th

Today our little E turned SIX!!!!!  This boy is THE SWEETEST!!!!  He loves guns, laser tag, video games, riding his bike, playing with friends, helping anyone who needs help, making fart noises and jokes, cuddling, hugs, shaking his booty, and he sings “I BELIEVE I CAN FLY” about 20 times a day.

We had to run to Costco this morning and for his birthday lunch, he requested SHRIMP, of course!!! Favorite food.


At 1:00, his pals came over and we took them to the Payson Fun Center to play Laser Tag.  It was GHETTO but it turned out pretty perfectly.  They played arcade games, two rounds of Laser Tag, opened presents and had cake.

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When we got home, all of his friends wanted to keep playing.  So they had a nerf gun war all around the ‘hood.

 The rest of the night, Ash helped E put his Lego sets together.thumb_IMG_9358_1024

Emmy and Adid the dishes after dinner.


July 19th

Emmy read “The BFG” in Mrs. Russell’s class last year.  The movie just came out and so I organized a little movie party!  It was so much fun!  The kids loved the movie but I sure have no desire to see it again.

thumb_IMG_9257_1024 thumb_IMG_9253_1024 thumb_IMG_9260_1024

Mrs. Russell is THE BEST!!!!!


We brought Avery home with us so she could play with Emmy for a little bit.  Then we went to the Spanish Fork Flag Retirement.  It is MY FAVORITE!!!!!

thumb_IMG_9266_1024 thumb_IMG_9269_1024

Mom and Kris came, too.  We all just cried and cried through the whole thing.thumb_IMG_9273_1024 thumb_IMG_9274_1024

Paw came and cried along with us.


My sweet tiny mom.

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