July 2005



This is what Josh looks like every Saturday.  He will continue to look like this until we buy new cars and move into our new house.

4th of July


We went to California for the 4th this year.  We thought it would probably be our last chance for a vacation for a while since our baby is due in a month.  On the way down, the air conditioning in the car broke.  So there we were, driving through the desert with no air conditioning and I was 9 months pregnant.  When we went through Baker, CA it was 120 degrees!!!!  I hope you are ALL feeling sorry for me. 🙂  The air conditioning began working again when we were an hour from my parents’ house.



All of our dreams have come true!!!  Right down the street from Union Station and Oliveras Street is Chinatown….LAND.  I wonder why their sign didn’t get it’s own mountain to become a national landmark….

Oliveras Street


Here I am with my baby sister, Cari, on Oliveras Street.  It’s right across from Union Station in LA.  Basically, it’s a street where all the mexicans sell their wares.  I know I look ridiculous!!!!  Remember I was 9 months pregnant!!!  Waaaaaa!