August 2006


This is Ashton’s favorite hiding place. He loves me to stand on the landing and pretend like I am looking all around for him. Then he’ll make a little squeaky sound to let me know where he is. Cute!

Ashton’s 1st Birthday

Ashton had a fun little birthday party with aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. He loved all of his presents but mostly loved just playing with all the kids. He really, really hated his cake. It was pretty hilarious. Maybe someday we’ll post the video.

Ashton hates having messy hands!

Ashton hates having messy hands!

Devil’s Kitchen

We went up Payson Canyon for a little drive and stopped on in at the “Devil’s Kitchen”. Such a strange, beautiful rock formation in the middle of a run-o-the-mill canyon. Weird.