March 2007

Loving the Snow

Now that our deck isn’t totally covered with snow, Ashton has discovered the backyard and he loves it! I can’t wait for summer so he can just play out there all day long and I don’t have to worry about his hands freezing off. But in the meantime, Ashton still loves being out there, freezing hands and nose and cheeks, it doesn’t matter to him, as long as he can eat the snow and stomp on it and throw it and bring it inside.


Ashton HAD to have his sunglasses on to eat lunch. He put them on himself.

Valentine Candy

Here’s Ashton digging for candy hearts that Grandma and Grandpa Stewart sent him.

Shoveling Snow

Ashton was out helping Dad shovel the sidewalk. He LOVES the snow, just about as much as he loves the sand at the beach. Right before this picture, Ashton was swimming in the snow on his tummy.


Ashton is swimming at Great-Grandma’s house again at Thanksgiving. At the very beginning of this blog site, he was just a couple months old doing the same thing. Crazy how time flies! (He’s with Aunt Cari and his cousin Brandon)