June 2007

Timpanogos Cave Hike – Memorial Day ’07

Josh really wanted to go on an adventure on Memorial Day, instead of working in the yard all day like we usually do. We mentioned hiking to Timpanogos Cave to Cari, Jess(my sisters) and Nate(Josh’s brother) and they all really wanted to go. So, we decided to gather up a bunch of little tiny kids and take them up a huge mountain and into a really deep, dark, cold cave. It was a long hike but we had so much fun and the kids loved it. It is amazing that we made it back without losing anyone off any of those crazy cliffs.


Heart of the Cave

Here we are at the “Heart of the Cave”. That rock formation behind us is the ‘heart’ and there is some cool story that explains the name, but you know, I didn’t hear it because I was trying to control my baby who just wanted to climb all over everything. The cave tour is definitely worth the hike.