October 2007

Pictures I liked

there isn’t anything special about these pictures I just liked them.

Ashton Pumpkins

Finally Picked a pumpkin

Here he is with the Charlie Brown pumpkin he finally chose. Sure it’s green and deformed and small but he could carry it and that’s what matters. He spent most of the time trying to put broken pumpkins back together and saying “OH NO”

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Pumpkin Patch

You may notice that Jenn and Emmy are not in any of these pictures.  That is because she would scream her head off every time Jenn would take her out of the car.  You see we just upload the cute pictures (well we think she is cute but when we listen to people whisper they usually say she looks like a tiny sumo wrestler) Anyway I thought I better show you what she usually looks like.

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Another Dougnut shot

Here is another shot of that doughnut this is a little bit later and he obviously doesn’t think it is the best thing in the world or he would have finished it by now…I should have taken it.  This must have been how Gary Coleman’s parents felt when they decided to steal all of his money.  Rumor has it Gary Coleman lives in Santaquin now, I wonder if he would have taken the doughnut.

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On the way back from the pumpkin patch Ashton saw a horse out in the field and started yelling “Hi Horse, Hi Horse Guy”  and then he took off his hat and while waving it in the air yelled “YEHAW!”. Grammy and Pa taught him that one night when they were watching him.  I thought that story would go well with these pictures of him on the fence looking like a farmer.


In his hand he is holding an apple cinnamon doughnut.  South Ridge Farms is the only place I know of that sells these things and they are crazy crazy good.  They taste like a hybrid between a krispy creme old fashioned and an apple fritter.  He never eats anything and he ate the whole doughnut.  You know when your kid is eating something and you know you would love it more and you are tempted to steal it away?  You know when they take the last piece of something amazing and you are still hungry and you get a little bit sad watching them mutilate it and drool on it and you are thinking “he would be just as satisfied with chicken nuggets from McDonalds, he doesn’t deserve that…He doesn’t appreciate it like I would”  (you have all been there) Anyway I was thinking that the whole time.  I didn’t take it but I said many silent prayers that he would get full and I would just have to finish it.  As you can see I am still thinking about it.

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