I am the fat guy on the right


Ok so here you go again you saw that shot of our butts not here we are from the front.

Aaron Celeya, Dave Celeya, Neil Poulsen, Jon Celeya, J.R. Dansie, and Me.

I didn’t find out until we finished that if you don’t wear white and you put your number over your package then you run the race about 2 hours faster.  Rookie Mistake.

Weird things happen to you when you are running that far.  All along the course there are signs that people have hung up saying “Go Jodi – don’t let the man keep you down” and “Pain is Temporary!” well by the time I got to about mile 22 every time I saw one of those signs it would make me really emotional and if I hadn’t been completely dehydrated I probably could have cried every time I read. “Stephi Graph is Sexy”