The Spoils of War


It is interesting how we pretend to be so much better than dogs.  We walk around showing off our opposable thumbs and thinking we are so smart.  Really we aren’t very different from them.  Take this picture for example I just ran 26.2 miles for a Popsicle.

Can you imagine what that thing would look like from Ashtons perspective?  It must be so huge…I would run thirty miles if they could give me one that was 1/4 my body.  Just to give you an idea of what kind of kid Ashton is he ate about 90% of that thing and then it fell off his stick into the grass.  I made him leave it even though he really really wanted to pick it up. (i thought he was going to try to eat it) anyway about 5 minutes later we were on the other side of the park just a bunch of old people talking about old people stuff and he took off.  he was on a mission.  He ran to the other side of the park under the big tent where he dropped his popsicle.  Picked up the remnants and threw it in the trash.  He is very clean.  Of course after that he went to the playground and somehow manage to get his sticky hands and shirt and mouth covered with sand.  So I guess I shouldn’t say he is clean i should just say that he picks up melted popsicles off the ground and throws them away.