This was my first marathon and really my only goal was to finish and to do it before they took down all of the stuff.  This is a nice shot of all of our toned butt’s.  My official time was 6 hours 11 minutes.  There are so many people you can’t start when the clock does so they use a chip on your shoe to keep the time.  So starting with the guy on the left and moving to the right you have Jon’s brother (He does top secret work for the government so in the interest of national security I have forgotten his name) Then Jon Celeya, Me, J.R. Dansie, Neil Poulsen, and Dave Celeya (Jon’s other brother).  Jon, J.R., Neil, and I trained together.  All of these guys finished way way before us but they cam back and ran us in.  As you can imagine after six hours of running I was pretty excited to stop.  We were so slow getting there that guy in the yellow shirt is waiting to tell us “were out of medals but we will mail you one”  I am assuming that if it takes you this long they don’t plan on you crossing the finishing line in anything but a body bag.