Tractor! Tractor! Tractor!

Ashton loves tractors,  He has a little toy John Deer tractor that Pa (Grandpa Carr) bought him.  Everywhere we go he sees tractors.  You know that scene in Cars when Mader and McQueen go ‘tractor tippin’.  Well we just put that chapter on repeat and he watches it all day.  He likes it when the tractors fart but he really like it when the big angry tractor comes out and he gets to say “drive faster McQueen!”  Anyway this Friday we went to South Ridge Farms in Santaquin to go on a hayride and get some pumkins from the pumpkin patch.  This is becoming a family tradition last year we went with some friends and their kids this year it was a little more last minute (we saw that it was finally sunny and went for it).  Anyway Ashton was going tractor crazy the whole time.

When I took this last picture I was trying to get him to pose with the pumpkin he had chosen.  But then the tractor drove by he dropped the pumpkin and started waving like crazy. “Hi tractor guy”

It is cute that he likes tractors and all but I am from Spanish Fork the biggest hick town in the world.  When I see him getting excited about tractors and farm stuff I have to admit it scares me.

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