Here are our cute kids all dressed up for Hallow’s Eve.  Ashton is a fireman, of course.  It was frustrating for him when people would ask what he was being for Halloween because he can’t quite say “f”s” yet.  It sounded like “pireman” and so everyone thought he was saying Spiderman. He would usually say “pireman” again since they obviously didn’t get it right but usually the second try was ignored.  I wasn’t going to dress Emmy up but then at the last minute, I started thinking of all the cute things she could be and I stayed up late making this fairy costume.  I was pretty proud of myself, I must admit.  Cari, our oldest kid (ha ha ha, Cari, I know you love that!), is Pat Benatar and you wouldn’t believe what a perfect Pat Benatar she was!  Here’s the music video she was imitating (and yes, that latin dude is the creepiest.  If only Cari let us record her doing the dance!  It was AWESOME and sooo hilarious! I know it’s hard to believe, but she learned it all by watching the video one time): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ujEj64CKyQ