December 2007

Christmas is finally over!

I actually really love Christmas it is just that I really hated the wordpress theme we used to signify the holiday. In case you didn’t visit between thanksgiving and December 28th @ 4:07 pm MST (also known as Now). Here is a screnshot:

Nasty Christmas Theme

It is small because nobody actually wants to see it again.


Ashton received a birthday card in the mail from Grammy and Grandpa Stewart. He was so excited when money came dumping out! He immediately said “Money! I want to go on rides at the mall!!!” So that day we took him to the mall so he could enjoy his birthday money. He got to go on the big train ride around Santa’s village and a few other rides (we didn’t let him spend ALL of his money on rides but he’ll never know).






I don’t know what to say here other than Ashton has an insatiable appetite for snow. He eats it pretty much all day long. We have to open the door to the deck and get him a snowball to eat or he will lose his cool (that was an awesome pun).

I want food! I want food! I want food!


We did thanksgiving at my parents again this year. We were planning on going to St. George to have Thanksgiving with Jenn’s family but Emmy is too crazy and had been sick so it wasn’t worth it.


Jenn swears she didn’t teach Ashton to do this, he got tired of waiting and just sat down at the table and started chanting “I want food” I thought it was pretty funny. Grandpa gave him some chips which made him quiet until Nate sat down and encouraged him.

Is the Gorilla Evolving or is Ashton DeEvolving???


So this Gorilla was really the grossest thing I had ever seen. We all watched while he pooped into his own hand and then…well… he uhhh “recycled” it.  After finishing that he slowly and deliberately licked each of his fingers and opposable thumb clean.  It really reminded me of myself finishing an ice cream sandwich and then licking the chocolate off.  The a few minutes later he went crazy picking his nose.  I got this picture of Ashton impersonating the gorilla.  Not that Ashton doesn’t pick his nose, I am sure he does, but I set him up for it.  I asked him “Ashton what did the Gorilla do?”