Helicopter Ride

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, Eddie stole Josh away from me, luring him easily from his family with a ticket to the BYU v Utah game.  Oh man, I was pretty bummed out-happy for Josh but very depressed that my holiday weekend just turned into a regular weekday without Josh.  My sister called and told me about free helicopter rides happening in Mapleton until 2 PM that day.  I was all over that!  How fun for Ashton!!!  So I called a bunch of people (because I had to have someone watch Emmy while we were flying) but the only one cool enough to stop everything and come with me was Grammy (even though her bridal shop was open that day).  We had to wait in a pretty long line and it was freezing when that helicopter landed and took off.  I would have left if Grammy hadn’t been there to help (Emmy was screaming again, as usual).  Ashton made friends with all the kids in line, of course.  Finally, it was our turn and Grammy asked the people behind us in line to watch Emmy while she came with us.  I was so happy about that!  (I knew they wouldn’t kidnap her, after the nonstop crying ability she displayed).  I thought Ashton might get scared once we were in the helicopter, or going towards it, but he was the coolest kid I have ever seen.  He just put on his gigantic headphones, buckled his seatbelt, put his arm in the window sill and looked out the window, as if he had done it a million times.  The ride was fabulous, I am a helicopter fan (though the thought of us crashing and dying did enter my mind several times).