Sometimes Monkeys Eat Their Own Poop


This monkey loved Ashton.  We were here for a long time as Ashton would give him Kisses through the glass and they would play around.  It was really cute…well the interaction was really cute the monkey was really really ugly.



 The Leopard did not love Ashton.  I think it wanted to eat him.  Actually we didn’t get a picture of this but for a long time we waited by the wolves.  They have a large hillside pen with trees and lots of places to hide.  Eventually we gave up and all walked away…everyone but Ashton who was waiting by the fence.  Then as soon as we were about 30 yards away and Ashton was by himself the wolf came running down licking his chops ready to eat a two year old.  It was pretty scary.  I basically saved his life by taking him to the zoo where the animals are in cages instead of the wilderness where there are no cages.  I am a really good dad.




 Another Shot of Ashton’s angry Leopard.


This is an albino alligator “The Ghost of the Bayoo”  I have a feeling this guy has never actually been to the swamp.  He was probably born in Omaha.