January 2008

The Stewart Fam

If only Grandpa could come to ALL of Ashton’s photo shoots and make farting sounds! (I’m also very amused)


So here’s the whole fam.  I just keep thinking “Ooooh no. Nobody’s leaving!  We’re going to have the hap-hap-happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap-danced with….” you know the rest.  We really had an incredibly fabulous Christmas with everyone in town, just trying to take this picture was horrendous.  Eddie and Lindsey were close to a nervous breakdown when they realized they will soon add another kid to the chaos.


Emmy Laughing

Emmy LOVES Ashton. She thinks he is the Bees knees, the cats pajamas, the best thing since sliced bread, cooler than a cucumber, etc. etc. Here she is just laughing at nothing, but it is Ashton doing nothing and that is the key.


Ashton’s toybox


Josh saw a picture of a toy box in one of our Pottery Barn Kids catalogues and he thought he’d just throw a bunch of wood together and make one just like it.  It was a cool project because he got to spend time with his brother, Justin, who also built one for his little girl.  Josh is amazing.  It’s so perfect.

Thanksgiving Point


We went to Thanksgiving Point  a couple days after Christmas to drive through the Christmas light village.  Ashton got this huge gingerbread cookie because Josh is a total pushover 🙂 . It’s hard not to give Ashton everything he wants because he’s such a perfect little angel.  I wasn’t too opposed because I knew Ashton would take two bites (MAYBE) and then it would be my sad duty to finish it. 🙂  And yes, it was very good.  The salads at the cafe are also very delicious.

More Presents


Grandma and Grandpa Stewart gave Ashton a big Dr. Seuss book for Christmas.  (There he is thanking Grandma, with Josh in the background checking on the ham :), and there he is with Daddy reading his new favorite book.  It has “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” in it so we continue to live Christmas each day.)