“Go to bed, Mom”


Every morning, I get Emmy out of bed, take her to Ashton’s room, change their diapers, then bring them back to my room and turn on cartoons, hoping to be able to go back to sleep.  It NEVER happens but still I try.  This particular morning, I turned on cartoons and got Emmy’s bouncer out for her.  Ashton quickly jumped in it before I could put Emmy down and he said he wanted to hold her.  I supported her on his lap because, let’s be honest, she weighs almost as much as he does, and he got mad that I was still touching her.  He said “No, Mom!  Go to bed, Mom!”  It was so cute that he wanted to take care of her for me.  I didn’t go back to bed for obvious reasons. 

The other day Josh was tickling Ashton.  I guess Ashton had had enough because he yelled, in between laughs, “No, Dad! Go to work, Dad!”  Soooooooo Funny!!!