Josh’s boss took everyone at Sprout snowboarding/skiing as part of the company Christmas party.  They went during the day, then all the spouses met them at the Grand America for dinner.  I was so excited for Josh to be able to go, he has been too busy and what can I say, being a dad changes things, so he hasn’t been able to go for a couple of years.  I’m pretty sure he was excited too.  So this is the night before, notice how cute Josh is…..

This is the morning after….


Josh ate it pretty badly, as you can see.  Keep in mind, this is the next day!  It was soooooo much worse the day before.  When I met everyone at the Grand America for dinner, Bruce (Josh’s boss) greeted me and pointed me in Josh’s direction.  It was a good thing he helped me find him because I never would have recognized him.  I walked up to Josh who was sitting at the table talking to people, he turned to look at me and I just totally lost it!  I was laughing soooooo hard!  I am such a bad wife.  I tried to hug him and make him feel better but I just could NOT look at him without laughing my head off.  

I guess Josh was just tearing down the slope and hit some kind of bump that halted all forward motion, slamming him right on his face and chest.  He passed out because he could not catch his breath and all of the Sprout guys were pretty freaked out.  His Blackberry was in his chest pocket and it was completely broken and Josh’s sternum is cracked or broken too.  Within a few minutes, his lips and nose were so swollen that they were touching each other! Once again, I’m trying not to laugh.  I WISH I could have seen that!  So I guess being a dad AND getting old change things.  😉