February 2008




Emmy’s such a sweetie.  Her first several months were pretty rough.  She only loved me and demanded to be held at all times (only by me).  Now that she can sit and play with things and her reflux isn’t so bad, she is much happier and is becoming more social.  She looooves her daddy, for sure!  She’ll do anything to get his attention when he comes home from work.  She’ll rock back and forth in my arms, basically trying to jump out of them, until Josh smiles at her, then she’ll immediately smile and get all shy and hide her face.  Soooo cute.



We thought this was pretty smart…but we’re new.


I also thought this was very smart.  You’ve all seen “Cars”, right?  Well, this is the Casa Della Tires Tower. (Sorry, that was the only picture I could find for those who may not have seen the movie.)



Playing in the Snow

I love it when Ashton says things like “Dad, come play in the snow.” And then, as Josh leaves for work, he says, “Ashton, Mom would love to play with you in the snow.”  It’s not that I don’t love to be outside with my cute baby, but it’s just really cold and I worry about Emmy inside, etc.  Anyhoo, that’s exactly what happened this particular morning but of course it was lots of fun.  Ashton built this little snowman all by himself.  He was so proud of himself, as you can see.  What a cutie. 


Here he is climbing the huge mound of snow in our front yard.  It’s amazing how he always has a vision of what he wants to do.  He wanted to climb that mountain so bad and when he got to the top, he raised his arms and said “I’m the Grinch!”  (His favorite movie all through the Christmas season was “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, the cartoon and also the Jim Carrey movie)



Ashton loves Superman lately.  Finally, this is an obession I am completely fine with.  I do NOT mind watching Superman 50 times a day and I do NOT get sick of listening to the John Williams Superman Theme song in the car wherever we go.  I DO, however, get a little bit embarrassed when Ashton MAKES me pretend like I’m flying while I drive.  Oh well, the things we do to make our kids happy, eh?  Ashton had been asking for a cape for a while and I finally broke down and made one for him (I just haven’t been in the sewing mood lately).  When Ashton put it on for the first time, he just stood there, overwhelmed by the power that had just been placed upon his shoulders.  He was soon flying around the house, though.  Ashton can sing the correct notes to the theme song and he’ll yell/sing “SuuuupermaaAAAAAN!”