Ashton loves Superman lately.  Finally, this is an obession I am completely fine with.  I do NOT mind watching Superman 50 times a day and I do NOT get sick of listening to the John Williams Superman Theme song in the car wherever we go.  I DO, however, get a little bit embarrassed when Ashton MAKES me pretend like I’m flying while I drive.  Oh well, the things we do to make our kids happy, eh?  Ashton had been asking for a cape for a while and I finally broke down and made one for him (I just haven’t been in the sewing mood lately).  When Ashton put it on for the first time, he just stood there, overwhelmed by the power that had just been placed upon his shoulders.  He was soon flying around the house, though.  Ashton can sing the correct notes to the theme song and he’ll yell/sing “SuuuupermaaAAAAAN!”