March 2008

Canyonlands Half Marathon

Josh and I ran the Canyonlands Half Marathon on March 8th.  I’m so sad that I couldn’t carry a camera during the run (it’s not that I wasn’t allowed to, I just could not have any extra weight slowing me down 🙂 ) because it was a gorgeous course.  We ran along the Colorado River with huge red rock cliffs around us.  Sounds fabulous, right?  Well, the scenery was the only good thing about it, if you ask me! I’m sure Josh has his own point of view to share, but I truly did NOT have fun.  I have dreaded writing this post because I feel like a huge wimp, my confidence has gone down the tubes and I have hated running ever since (not that I ever loved it before). 

Training for the run:

Jenn: I run pretty much every day.  Just two miles, then I run/walk one or two more.  To train for the half marathon, I ran 4 miles once, then 8 miles once.  It was winter so running outside was difficult and running on the treadmill for longer than 30 minutes is absolutely way too boring.

Josh: Josh ran the 4 miles and 8 miles with me.  That’s all he had time for.  So, since the St. George Marathon in October, he ran a total of 12 miles. 🙂


The morning of the run, I had a little energy bar for breakfast.  I was afraid of getting sideaches and I really didn’t even consider eating anything else.  Here’s how it went for me:

Mile 1-5 Easy as pie, beautiful scenery

Mile 6-7 Still easy but I wondered why everyone was already stopping for drinks and Clif Shots.  I made up my mind that I would give myself a drink at mile 8 and maybe I’d try a Clif Shot (energy gel that you squeeze into your mouth.  I haven’t ever tried it because I think I’d puke.)

Mile 8 There wasn’t a drink station!  I needed a drink BADLY!  And where in the heck were those Clif Shots!?  I found out later that Mile 6 was the only station handing them out.  This is where I hit a brick wall.

Mile 9-10 Pretty hard but I was still running.  I did grab a drink at every station I passed.

Mile 11-13 I HATED life.  All I could think was “There is NO WAY I am ever running a marathon!  I HATE this!” By the last couple of miles, I was jogging/walking.  I had absolutely NO energy.  My body didn’t hurt, I wasn’t cramping up at all, no sideaches, no sore feet, no aching muscles, I just could not muster up any kind of energy.  I even found the songs on my IPod that never fail to make me happy and energetic and they were just useless.  I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t reach my goal of finishing under 2 hours, or because I felt like I would puke at any second, but when I finished I was in the worst mood.

See?!?!?  I’m a HUUUUUGE wimp.  Josh is amazing, he has the craziest determination and can just do things because his heart will drive him to succeed.  Besides being able to go to Moab for the first time and have a new appreciation for the incredible world Heavenly Father created for us, there were two other good things about the trip…..


We had lots of fun with Neil and his nephew, Trevor. 


We got these SWEET hats! (And the lovely running shirts that Neil and Trevor are modeling above)  I will never wear either item.


When Emmy was born, it was hard to imagine Ashton ever getting near her without trying to kick her in the head. But they are becoming better friends all the time and it’s soooo cute to watch. They’ll sit there and watch “Toy Story” or The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse together. Ashton loves to pinch Emmy’s cheeks and say “Emmy’s so chubby!” And Emmy still loves to watch Ashton and laugh at whatever he’s doing.



Ashton is taking Emmy flying with his Superman cape on.


Emmy is sooooo lucky to have an older brother. I ONLY wanted kids if I could have a boy first and then a girl. I don’t know why Heavenly Father is so nice to me all the time. He always gives me what I want. 🙂 I am the second of seven kids and the one older than me is a boy (Rob). My life was so great because of him that I always wanted the same thing for any daughter I might have had.


Yes, that’s right, I was a totally nerdy little sister with glasses but Bobby still loved me anyway.



Rob coached me in every sport. Can you imagine how patient he must have been to teach a left-handed girl how to throw and catch right-handed? Josh fell in love with me because I could throw a mean football, so I pretty much owe everything wonderful I have now to Rob. Rob also gets the credit for my unhealthy love for the Bears in the 80’s and why I cried when they traded Jim McMahon and when Walter Payton died.


High School


Rob going into the MTC.

That was a scary day for me. I was a freshman at BYU and Rob had been living with my Grandma in Provo. Every single day, Rob would come pick me up from Deseret Towers and we’d go play with John (my uncle on the very right hand side). Those were such fun days. Rob and John were hilarious and I always loved that they let me hang out with them. We’d go to Crandall Audio or install some crazy component into their car. I still remember walking home from class one day and I could hear this huge amount of bass coming up the street and I got soooo happy because I knew it was Rob coming to get me even before I saw the car. After Rob left, John would still come get me every once in a while but I was pretty much stuck on campus and was forced to make my own friends.


Here we are with Ang hanging out after Rob got back from his mission. Right before my mission, Rob, Kristina, Brian and I played in Las Vegas for a few days, racking up the credit card debit. That was just the beginning of credit card hell, but we lived through it, we can laugh about it now, huh, Rob?


Reading my mission call to Seattle! Wooo hoooo!

So even though Rob and I have our own new best friends now, I just want him to know that I thank Heavenly Father for giving me an older brother who was so nice to me and who made me the person that I am. I love you forever, Rob!!!