Bottoms-Up Bridge

We went on a little drive to see some of Lake Tahoe. Jason took us to “Bottoms-Up Bridge”. Who knows what the real name is (I’m sure Josh does), but it acquired this endearing title because everyone leans over the bridge to look at all the huge fish below.

The snow was still very deep and Josh probably should have used snow shoes to go tromping around. When he sank in Ashton was pretty terrified. I thought this was a cute picture of Ashton running. You’d better believe I was nervous with him running all over the place with a dam on one side of us and traffic on the other.

After the bridge, we had a little lakeside picnic. It was a really gorgeous day and Ashton and Miles had fun getting totally dirty and wet, oh, and boogar-y (Ashton, not Miles). Ashton is turning his head after accidental contact with Miles’ stick. That is Janille making sure he’s alright. She was such a sweetheart playing with our kids, giving us a break here and there. She also gave Ashton his first swimming lesson at the resort pool. She said he was excellent, which, of course, made me love her even more. 🙂

The guys skipped rocks for a long time. You know those Disneyland commercials where there are two kids having a blast together and then you see them walk by a window and it’s really the kid with their parent who actually FEELS like a kids again? Well, that is what this picture reminds me of.