Deseret Towers

Since Josh and I sold our condo south of BYU campus, we haven’t driven near that part of town for a long, long time. Josh took me out for my birthday and we took the long way home, driving by our old make-out spots :). The drive took us down 9th East in Provo and since it was dark and I wasn’t expecting it, I barely noticed that Deseret Towers were no longer there!!!! All that was left was my own U-Hall!!! I heard that they were going to tear them down but it was still shocking to actually see the rubble. The next day I hurried over to take pictures.

I lived in U-Hall when I was a freshman at BYU. It definitely wasn’t the best living condition, basically I was stuck in a closet with a girl I didn’t know and we shared a bathroom with half the girls on the floor. Referring back to my “PALS” post, when I first moved in, Rob and John would rescue me everyday until Rob left on his mission. After that I was stranded without a car and was forced to live the life of a BYU freshman. I really had a good time and met my great, great friend, Julie. That was the beginning of one completely fun, adventurous life as a single student (once we moved off campus, of course).

So I was kind of sad that the towers were gone. Now they have the challenge of replacing them with another TIMELESS architectural design.. (My Grandma Stewart was staying at DT during Women’s Conference when I was about 5. We picked her up and I remember thinkging they were the ugliest buildings ever!)