Ice Skating

We decided to go ice skating at the resort one night. Our dreams all came true when we found out it happened to be Retro Night!!!! AND if that wasn’t enough, we had a garage FULL of every jumpsuit, coat, hat, and moonboot that had ever been made since about 1971!!!

Josh was stoked to find these ORIGINAL Thermos’. I’m telling you, they had EVERYTHING!

Even Ashton was excited to be dressed up.


Pretty sick, huh?


Janille, Caroline, Jason, Jenn, Emmy, Josh, Ashton, Meric, Miles & Rhett


Emmy and Ashton’s first time skating!


Emmy making S’mores


It was such a fun night. Yes, we were the only ones dressed up but you know everyone was jealous. The music was great and even though we didn’t get to skate that much, we had a fun dance party around our little fire pit.

moab-tahoe-203.jpg moab-tahoe-205.jpg

Oh yeah, we’re hot!


Might as well rock retro style