Before and After

I have learned the hard way sooooo many times that Josh is ALWAYS right. Jeff, I know you feel my pain! I know you’ve been fighting this concept for way longer than I have. But lately, I have just been telling myself to do whatever Josh says and not argue. He is always right. For instance…..

This is the back corner of the yard of our first apartment. We managed the building and you cannot imagine the work involved (for Josh). We moved in and he had a vision of a beautiful garden in that spot. I thought (just like every other tenant who lived there before us), “What the…NO WAY!” The whole thing was full of weeds to our waists. This picture was taken after lots of work. But, Josh was right……

We moved into our new house and the development put in all the grass and landscaping and they even mow the front yard for us. But Josh didn’t like it. I was happy, our yard looked like everyone else’s, why change it?

But Josh was right…..

We had a front door that looked like everyone else’s, I was juuust fine with it. Was Josh fine with it????

Of course not, but Josh was right!

And we had a concrete floor in our garage, just like most Americans, so why change it?

But Josh wanted the epoxy protectant on it and once again, he was right!

I don’t have an AFTER picture but it is sooo much better. Everyone asks us what that green wall is about. I’ll post about it later….

For years, Josh and I were BEST friends, three years to be exact. Sure we kissed here and there, things were good, we had tons of fun together, WHY CHANGE IT?!?!?!

Buuuuut Josh was right! This is much better!!!!

We’ve been married for five years now and I am sooooo glad I trusted Josh and went with his crazy marriage idea! There is nothing better than marrying your best friend! Everyone always warned that marriage was hard and it would take lots of work to stay together (and for Josh this is probably true) but the only work I have experienced in our marriage is carrying out all of Josh’s visions and plans. 🙂 Painting our front door dark gray was harder “work” than being married to Josh. He is ALWAYS happy, always saying sweet things, always loving me even when I’m a huge jerk and grumpy. I love you sooooo much, Josh!!!