Genes and Heels

My Grandma Stewart has ALWAYS worn high heels. She would take us to Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm in high heels. Can you imagine wearing heels to DISNEYLAND?!?! There are even legends of Grandma Stewart tromping through the sand with heels on every time she went to the beach. Once again, can you IMAGINE?!?!?! She is in her 80’s now and she is still keeping it real with the high heels! Well, I don’t think anyone ever stopped to think “Maybe she was born that way.” I’m starting to realize that her feet were just formed for heels while in the womb, like little EMMY, for instance.

This is how she stands if I don’t put her little flat soled shoes on. Whenever we help her walk, she goes up on her tip toes like this also! It’s hilarious. I’m starting to think she won’t ever learn to walk until we find her some baby stiletto’s….Anyone know where I can get some of those? I bet my Grandma Stewart does!