Rain, Rain, Go Away!

What is with all this rain!?!?!  I do not function well when it’s dark and wet all the time…Why was I sent to Seattle on my mission, you wonder.  WHO KNOWS!!!  (Except that I met Josh there and that’s probably the only reason.)  I wouldn’t really notice how down-in-the-dumps I was (in Seattle) until the sun came out after a few weeks and I would think “Oh yeah!  THIS is how I’m supposed to feel!  THIS is how I used to feel all the time!”

Anyhoo, I bought a little pool for Ashton and Emmy a while ago.  Ashton was so excited to swim with his best friend, Mac Hillman.  The next day it got all cold and rainy and it’s been that way ever since.  Every day Ashton looks outside and says “Mom, it’s not sunny and warm yet.” (I told him he could swim when it gets ‘sunny AND warm’, a combination we haven’t had yet and it’s JUNE!)  He’ll also yell at the sky “Go away clouds!”   Ah well, we could use the ‘moisture’ (I hate that term), so we’ll be patient.