August 2008

In My Mind I’m Going to California

WARNING WARNING WARNING – Josh downloaded this Slide Show application for our blog and I’m about to use the heck out of it!!!!

On the 5th of July, we spent the morning at my niece, Raegan’s baptism. She is the sweetest thing and we are so proud of her. Then we took off for California.

Josh’s brother, Nate, and his wife, Stephanie, were going to go to a few MLB games in So Cal. We heard they were going and kind of invited ourselves and my sister, Kris, on their vacation. 🙂 I cannot tell you how excited I was for this. I thought about it all day for months! This song was in my head every day, kind of like when I was on my mission….

In my mind I’m goin’ to California
Can’t you see the sunshine
Can’t you just feel the moonshine
Ain’t it just like a friend of mine
To hit me from behind
Yes I’m goin’ to California in my mind

It had been TWO years since we had been to California. Sick! I know! I’m so sorry, Mom and Dad – The next bunch of posts are mostly for you. Thank you for providing a wonderful place to stay and for the fabulous time we all had!!!

Grandma’s House and Universal City Walk

It is always so nice when grandkids get one-on-one time with the grandparents. No offense to the other 13 grandchildren, but I’m sure they all know what I’m talking about. Ashton was always looking for Grandpa and was so excited to help Grandpa in any way possible. One night I said “Ashton, are you ready for bed?” As he bounded up the stairs, he said, “Nope, I’m ready for GRANDPA!” That’s when I took the pictures of the two of them on the couch watching “The Incredibles”. So cute. Then, of course, Grandpa let Ashton mess around with his equipment at the studio. I was freaking out but I guess Grandpa probably knew how to fix whatever Ashton was doing.

We had a relaxing Sunday after our long drive. Then that night, we went to the Universal City Walk. It’s always just cool to watch people and window shop, it’s a fun atmosphere. Ashton and Druw couldn’t resist the fountains that squirted out of the ground at random times and places. They were soon running through the water soaking wet. They drew quite a crowd. Druw especially. He was hilarious and an Asian dude was video-taping him for a long time.


The next day we went to Zuma Beach in Malibu. It wasn’t the hottest of days, but we still had lots of fun. All the kids loved playing in the sand. Druw and Ashton chased seagulls most of the time. We watched dolphins swimming about 50 feet away from the beach. Josh and Nate tried skim boarding on a board they bought at Walmart…it didn’t really work. Surprising, huh? 🙂 It was pretty funny to watch them, though. “No, you guys almost have it. Just run, jump, trip and roll into the water one more time!”

Children’s Museum and Baseball

We went to the Children’s Museum in L.A. on Tuesday. It was surprisingly fun! We highly recommend it. Believe it or not, we were there for 6 hours and none of us, children nor adults, ever got bored. The kids were all very good and completely entertained the whole time and I don’t think we even saw everything there was. The first picture in the slide show is Ashton’s biggest dream coming true. He is saving the airplane like Superman in Superman Returns.

We left the museum so Josh and Nate could go to the Dodger game. Nate and Stephanie had tickets Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Stephanie, being the cutest thing in the world that she is, gave Josh her Tuesday night ticket so the guys could go.

Kris, Steph, and I went to see Wall-E at about 10 PM. (Thanks, Mom and Dad, for watching the kids again) I was so tired by then that I just slept through most of it. And I’m telling you, I was in the General Conference Coma, when no matter what you do to stay awake, your head just feels like 200 lbs and you wake up two hours later with drool running down your neck. 😉 I don’t drool, come on! BUt the parts that I saw were cute…quiet but cute.

Santa Monica Pier

The next day, we went to the Santa Monica Pier. Now THAT is a fun place! We got Ashton and Druw passes to ride all the carnival rides and they LOVED it. Emmy was also very good and patient as she watched her brother have all the fun and be completely spoiled. We ate at Hot Dog on a Stick, very yummy, and then took the kids back for more rides. By about 3 o’clock, they were pretty tired but we had tickets to go on the Ferris Wheel. You can’t go to the pier and not go on the Ferris Wheel, right? Even before we got on it, I knew I hated Ferris Wheels, but Ashton really loves the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and there is a Ferris Wheel on it all the time and he was so excited about it, blah blah blah. If we had gone earlier in the day, or if our kids were not alive yet, it MIGHT have been fun. But we were stuck on that stinking thing for FIVE HOURS (When we got off and looked at the time it had only been about 20 minutes but it sure felt like five hours), with two very tired kids crying the whole time. The view was gorgeous and at least we can say we have been on it, but NEVER AGAIN!!!!!