Children’s Museum and Baseball

We went to the Children’s Museum in L.A. on Tuesday. It was surprisingly fun! We highly recommend it. Believe it or not, we were there for 6 hours and none of us, children nor adults, ever got bored. The kids were all very good and completely entertained the whole time and I don’t think we even saw everything there was. The first picture in the slide show is Ashton’s biggest dream coming true. He is saving the airplane like Superman in Superman Returns.

We left the museum so Josh and Nate could go to the Dodger game. Nate and Stephanie had tickets Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Stephanie, being the cutest thing in the world that she is, gave Josh her Tuesday night ticket so the guys could go.

Kris, Steph, and I went to see Wall-E at about 10 PM. (Thanks, Mom and Dad, for watching the kids again) I was so tired by then that I just slept through most of it. And I’m telling you, I was in the General Conference Coma, when no matter what you do to stay awake, your head just feels like 200 lbs and you wake up two hours later with drool running down your neck. 😉 I don’t drool, come on! BUt the parts that I saw were cute…quiet but cute.