Grandma’s House and Universal City Walk

It is always so nice when grandkids get one-on-one time with the grandparents. No offense to the other 13 grandchildren, but I’m sure they all know what I’m talking about. Ashton was always looking for Grandpa and was so excited to help Grandpa in any way possible. One night I said “Ashton, are you ready for bed?” As he bounded up the stairs, he said, “Nope, I’m ready for GRANDPA!” That’s when I took the pictures of the two of them on the couch watching “The Incredibles”. So cute. Then, of course, Grandpa let Ashton mess around with his equipment at the studio. I was freaking out but I guess Grandpa probably knew how to fix whatever Ashton was doing.

We had a relaxing Sunday after our long drive. Then that night, we went to the Universal City Walk. It’s always just cool to watch people and window shop, it’s a fun atmosphere. Ashton and Druw couldn’t resist the fountains that squirted out of the ground at random times and places. They were soon running through the water soaking wet. They drew quite a crowd. Druw especially. He was hilarious and an Asian dude was video-taping him for a long time.