I Love Our Neighbors

After waiting and waiting for a nice, hot, Utah summer day, I finally decided to bust out the pool.  I was using our air mattress pump to blow it up at first but the batteries quickly died.  With no replacement batteries to be found, I sat on our stairs in the back yard and started to blow it up myself.  How hard could it really be?!?!?!  Oh my heavens!  I started out all confident and strong.  About five minutes later, I was just sitting all limp on the stairs with a huge headache, about to pass out, barely puffing into the valve, and there was no change in the size of the pool.  Then, I saw a bright light and heard a voice floating above me say “I have an air compressor.  Would you like me to blow that up for you?”  Angel, you ask?  Not technically, but YES!!!  It was our neighbor, Mike, standing on his deck next door saving my life!  So he blew the thing up in about 25 seconds.

That is Ashton’s pal, Mac.  More neighbors that I love.