Magic Mountain and The Crab Pot

Thank you AGAIN, Mom, for making the next day of fun possible!!! She babysat all of our kids so we could go to Magic Mountain. It was really so nice to have a day without kids :). We went to Josh’s favorite ride, X2, first. Man, I am getting so old because that ride was way too EXTREME for me. It makes me kind of sad. But for real, I thought I was going to fall right out of that thing and as the ride went on, I just got more and more scared. Anyhoo, my favorite ride is Goliath. As the ride got faster and more crazy, Josh grabbed my hand, turned to me and yelled “WIIIILL YOOOU MARRY ME!?!?!” You probably had to be there, but I threw my head back in laughter, as I tend to do. The g-forces grabbed my head and kept it back there for a while. With all my strength I pulled my head forward and the forces caught it again, throwing my head down into my lap where it stayed for the rest of the ride. Oh yes, and I laugh with my mouth open which is very bad when your head is flying all over the place…it’s good we were in the very last row….Roaring Rapids is always a good ride to go on when it’s 120 degrees outside. There’s a picture of Kris and her temporary boyfriend. I also love the one when she is truly concerned about her purse getting wet. Nate, we are all still very sorry for making you come on this ride with your phone in your pocket.

That night, my parents took us to our most favorite restaurant in the world, The Crab Pot. Josh and I discovered it when we were dating on our missions in Seattle. Doh! Juuuust kidding. But when we were dating and went BACK to Seattle we discovered it. There’s one in Seattle and one in Long Beach, right on the beach. They give you big bibs, a mallet and a wooden board and then they come dump a ton of seafood out of a bucket right in the middle of the table. That’s when all meyhem breaks loose as you try to eat any of it before my dad gets it all. 🙂 He’s a pro seafood eater. Love you, Dad, it was so much fun!!! Thank you!!!