The next Michael Phelps

Ashton loves going to the Provo Veterans Pool. All year long, whenever we pass it, he says “There’s my pool!” The first time there this summer, he wore floaties on his arms. After an hour, he wanted them off. I was sooo scared to let him take them off, but I agreed and stood right next to him the rest of the day. The next time he just went crazy and was bobbing in and out of the water, holding his breath and loving it. By the end of that day, he would swim under the water holding his breath for a few seconds. It was amazing.

This was Emmy’s first time ever being in a pool and she was very scared. For the first hour, she was hugging me so tightly and burying her face in my shoulder. It was ALMOST like she loved me as much as she loves Josh…ALMOST. She has relaxed a lot, maybe too much, because now she tries to walk away from me and doesn’t like me to touch her.