September 2008

Drama Queen, Diva, One going on 16

Emmy has it aaaaall figured out. If Ashton runs by her, she’ll fall to the ground and cry as if she’s hurt, even if Ashton didn’t touch her. Sometimes she just practices her fake cry. Is this normal for girls? Sheesh!

Mom, Dad, and Rob…Does this look familiar? Rob’s “STOP!” video is classic and much better, but this reminded me of it. She was so mad at me for filming her and attacked!

CRIKEY!!! (again)

Ashton and Emmy love shows about animals, especially “Bindi the Jungle Girl” (Bindi “Croc hunter” Irwin ). So when Ashton spotted this tiny snake in our window well the first thing we did was teach him the word “Crikey”. After several minutes rehearsing we knew he was ready. As you will see in a minute we were wrong, DEAD wrong, well not really dead…you will see.

Here he is patting Emmy’s head, telling her not to be afraid of the snake. So sweet.

The snake was extremely scared and had bitten Josh a couple times, Josh said it didn’t hurt….

Then Ashton started getting a little too confident in his snake handling abilities….

Yeah, I screamed and turned off the camera as that wild serpent attacked my baby boy. We’ll see how many snakes Ashton wants to go near now. Since the incident we have revisited our Jr. Croc Hunter training strategy. As we see it we made two major mistakes.

  • No khaki shorts (Ka-Keys – if your a real fan).
  • Lack of enthusiasm – Emmy was the only one who was really excited, so we blame ourselves a little bit for not getting more annoyingly pumped up.

The next day, Ashton and Josh found a lovely little creature in our garage. Josh thought it would be very appropriate AND hilarious to add it to my Fall decor. (Appropriate…perhaps, Hilarious? )

They found it while I was running and while I was gone, this little jar with the deadly spider became Ashton and Emmy’s favorite toy. (Thanks, Josh) If you can’t tell this is a Black Widow – Ashton even gave it a name “Web”. Then somehow while they were napping “Web” mysteriously disappeared.


Utah Marathon Relay

Yesterday I ran a marathon in 3 hours and 44 minutes!!!! I know, I am AMAZING!!!! Well, I guess I can’t take all the credit.:) Dani asked me to be on a marathon relay team with her and three other girls from our ward (Thank you for thinking of me, Dani!) Four of the team members hung out at the park while the other ran a 5.2 mile loop. The run was pretty nice but the best part for me was chillin’ at the park with the girls. I love you Dani, Kyra, Holly and Allyson!!! You are all completely amazing and inspire me to be a better wife, mom and friend.

OH YEAH!!!!  We won FIRST PLACE in our Division!!!  Sa-weeeeeet!

(I guess there’s a black spot on my camera lens….I’ll go wipe that off right now.)


I don’t know if this is my fault or just the way Ashton is, but he is a very clean kid, verging on OCD.  He freaks out if his hands are sticky, he really hates it when he spills on himself, he likes his room to be clean when he goes to bed, and he puts everything in the correct place at the store (if there’s something sitting in the aisle out of place, he has to put it where it goes).

Sooo lately I won’t wash his hands immediately and I let him spill all over himself and I am being very aware of my reactions to messes and dirtiness.  I think we’re making some progress.  In the car, he drinks water out of a water bottle.  In a moving vehicle he usually ends up with a soaking wet t-shirt.  I always say “Oh wow!  Does that feel good, buddy?  Are you all cooled off?” The other day he was drinking chocolate milk and he poured it down the front of his shirt and said “That feels good, Mom!”

Here is another step to overcoming OCD.  Ashton painted this train all by himself…mostly (he TAUGHT me how to do it and insisted that I paint also).  I know, I did have to put an apron on him and cover the table…that’s not too crazy, is it?  Anyhoo, he was so cute and did such a great job and his hands were completely messy the whole time.