A Normal-Sized Guy

Josh and I got to go to the Brian Regan Concert at Thanksgiving Point. Wowie, it was a gorgeous setting! I can’t think of a prettier place to just sit out under the stars and laugh my butt off!!! I literally laughed until I was sick. I was laughing as hard as my body would allow and yet, it wasn’t enough.

Rich and Dallas have been our Ambassadors of Fun lately. We love them so much! They certainly know how to CARPE the stinking DIEM!

This was our second time seeing Brian live. It’s always hilarious, but my favorite thing is when he goes off being completely spontaneous, ad-libbing whatever he happens to think of at the moment. Hence, the title of this post. One of his jokes took a crazy turn and he just went on and on for about 10 minutes, trying to save the joke, but making a whole new one. Awesome!!! I was DYING!

Classic Brian pose and face. I’m thinking of naming my next baby, Brian- boy or girl, it doesn’t even matter! 🙂