Crikey! Ashton earns his knot tying Merit Badge

Parents are all aware of this scenario.  If you have been a parent long enough it probably isn’t funny anymore.  Last week I was on my way to work and i couldn’t find my shoe.  Whenever something is lost I first ask Jenn because after all she is now a mom and has that sixth sense that always seems to have the answer to “where’s the…?”

If Jenn doesn’t know where something is then the next place to turn is Ashton.  He is a good boy but always curious.  Once he guided me to my shoe I was so impressed with his knot tying skills.

I just hope he doesn’t grow up to be a “professional scouter” I guess he would mike a fine sailor.  Do people still sail? can you get a job doing that?

Professional Scouter has to be the lamest job in the world.  I just picture the dorky scout that wants to trade woodbadge patches.  Except now he is all grown up, way too fat and hairy for the little khaki uniform.  Think Crocodile Hunter with a handkerchief and a Miss America sash that shows every useless thing he has ever mastered.