Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing

Every year Rich and Dallas have a theme and make a soundtrack for their Lake Powell trips. I decided to adopt my own theme song for this trip. We played a lot of Guitar Hero – specifically Aerosmith since Dallas recently added that version of the game to her collection. So the song that wouldn’t stop running through my head was “Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing”.

Rich and Dallas invited us to the Adults Only Powell Trip. This meant that Josh and I would be away from our kids for the first time ever. As I put the kids to bed the night before we left, I cried a little bit, wondering if I could really leave them. As we waved good-bye to Ashton (who was playing happily in his sandbox with his cousins) he yelled “Bye, Mom and Dad! Have fun at Walmart!” (proof that we never go ANYWHERE) After we got in the car and drove away, I was surprisingly fine and didn’t worry about them at all.

We will be forever grateful to Rich and Dallas for this incredible vacation and to Logan (Josh’s amazing sister who took our kids for a week as if they were her own) for making it possible and allowing our minds to be at ease while we were away.

So as I was saying, my THEME…I was looking forward to this trip so I could sleep in and take naps all day, buuuuut when I got there, I could NOT do any of these things! I tried to take a nap once but I just laid there with my eyes wide open wondering if I was missing any kind of fun. And I don’t think I missed out on much. We watched Brian Regan the first night and then stayed up talking until 4 AM. I woke up at 7 the next morning so excited to get out on the lake. I tried to lay out and sleep on the roof as we drove out to the beach but I ended up having the most amazing conversation with Coco and Tina (we laughed, we cried, it was fabulous). We jumped off cliffs, went wakeboarding, learned how to wake surf, went hiking, fishing, paddleboating, exploring (and experienced fear like I had never felt before climbing through Kristi’s crack), played guitar hero and games into the early morning hours, played Flies-Up off the slide, met great new friends (Courtney, Jeff, Tina, Coco and Troy), saw waaaay too much of our hippie beach neighbors, slept under the gorgeous stars…it was just so much fun.