Ashton turned 3 on August 10th. It’s really nice to have his birthday in the middle of the year. For half the year when he wants a toy and I don’t cave in and buy it, I can get him to leave the store with “Do you want that for your birthday? Let’s go home and tell dad.” The other half of the year, I say “Remember to tell Santa you want that for Christmas.” It’s been working well for a while now and I hope it continues.

It’s been very hard for Ashton at birthday parties for other kids. He wants to blow out the candles, lick the frosting off the candles, open and play with all the presents. I can usually explain the situation to him and he doesn’t get too upset but still, for a two-year-old, it’s hard to just stand on the sidelines. As you can see from this video, he had the routine down and was very excited that it was finally his turn to do all those things. (He requested a Superman Cake)