Jenn’z Boyz

Sorry, Rob, but I must….

When I was in High School, MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, Boyz II Men, Heavy D and the Boyz, Bel Biv Devoe and so many other groups were experiencing success. I was on the Dance Team and always liked to dance, but what many of you might not know is that my brother Rob was an excellent dancer himself. He and I kind of used the living room to choreograph dances to Dancing Machine and junk. Nothing too spectacular, but Rob was really good at his own twist of the Running Man. Good times, good times.

When I found out that Boyz II Men was going to be at the Scera Shell, you’d better believe I was ALL ABOUT THAT!!! I must admit, it had been a few years since I had listened to my Boyz since Josh is definitely not a fan, he feels only gay dudes would listen to them…(In defense of my Boyz, I know many straight men who like them and Josh actually knows all their popular songs – WHO DOESN’T, THEY ARE DA BOMB!!!!) So Kris, Cari and I got tickets and got to the concert as early as we possibly could. We were so stinking excited. I knew they would have an opening band but I didn’t expect to have an hour-long Utah Idol Competition. Oh man, it was horrible, it seemed to go on forever and would never end. Here is how Kris and Cari felt about it….

And a half hour later…..

Finally, Boyz II Men came out!!!! I asked Kris to run down to the front and get a good picture. She ran down, pushed her way through screaming girls to the front of the stage. She took a couple great pictures, held Shawn’s hand for a sec and came back up. She told us about her hand-holding experience and we all jumped and screamed like schoolgirls. She didn’t get a close-up of Shawn, though (he’s my favorite) so I sent her back. We never saw her again. She fought her way through the barrage of wild girls back to the very front of the stage and that’s where she stayed for the whole concert. “Lucky”, as Napoleon Dynamite would say. Cari and I went up a couple times trying to find her but we still had fun a little farther up. It was such an excellent concert, so much fun. They sounded so good live and did a whole bunch of old Motown songs along with the choreography. It was awesome. Here’s Cari clapping at the end….

So here’s a picture of us at the beginning of the concert…

And here’s a picture at the end…..

Aaaaawwww yeeeeah, baby! Kris worked her flirtation magic with the security guard during the concert. We hung out with Anthony (the security guard) for an hour after the show, talking about Cali and stinky girls and junk. He said “Hey, I’ll hook you up, come with me”. He led us to the front of the line of fans waiting for the Boyz and took us right in to meet them. Oh man, dream come true. They were so nice, teasing us about having the same smiles and voices. Anyhoo, what a great night!!!!