Hallow’s Eve

This year Ashton wanted to be CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow (don’t you dare leave out the captain). Cari decided to be Minnie Mouse while we were at Disneyland.  She made her cute outfit and had some leftover fabric, so I decided to make Emmy Minnie Mouse also. I need to brag for a minute because I think this costume is super cute and I made it without a pattern. I can’t take any of the credit for my sewing skills because my mom taught me everything I know. As I frantically threw these costumes together I just kept thinking about her staying up all night long making Halloween costumes for all of her kids. In my memory, we could never decide what to be until late the night before.  Then almost like magic when we woke up in the morning  we would have these perfect costumes all ready to wear to school.  I don’t think I really appreciated those all-nighters until now.

When we showed Ashton his perfect pirate costume the first thing he said was,”Thanks Mom! Now I just need boots and a sword!” I hadn’t considered how crazy he was about “Captain” Jack Sparrow.  I searched everywhere for boots for Ashton and finally ended up just making him some.

Josh and I scrounged up some costumes this year and it actually made it a lot more fun.  We took the kids over to Grammy and Paw’s and then we came home to Trick-or-Treat.

We all went around our block while it was still sunny, then I stayed at home to hand out candy while Josh (in his bare feet) took the kids out for almost two hours. (Cari and her roommate, Amy, joined him halfway) Emmy loved knocking on the doors but didn’t wait around for the candy.  Ashton was so sweet the whole night.  At every door he would get a candy for himself and one more for Emmy.  Even if the person at the door said “Juuust one”, Ashton would say, “I need two.”

After Trick-or-Treating, we went over to Eddie and Lindsey’s for their Halloween Party. We had such a fun night.

Ashton’s loot – this is only a third of the candy he brought home. We gave all the peanut products to Cari and Amy since Ashton’s allergic. Now every time he dumps out his pumpkin and sees his big stack of candy he says “I went to soooo many houses”