“Those Aren’t Pillows!!!”

Ah, don’t you just love Thanksgiving? One great part of Thanksgiving is watching “Trains, Planes and Automobiles”. One of the classically horrible parts is when Steve Martin and John Candy end up having to share a bed in a disgusting hotel. In the morning, as they are slowly waking up, Steve asks John where his hand is and John replies “Between two pillows”….you know the rest.

I had a similar, horribly shocking experience today.

Ashton has been potty trained since September but every once in a while, he forgets to poop on the toilet. So today when I was forcing him to stay at the kitchen table to eat his lunch, he pooped in his undies. Gross, I know. Well, we got it all taken care of and went back to finishing lunch. A little while later I noticed Emmy playing with a little fruit snack on the kitchen floor. It was sticking to her fingers so I went over to take it away. I picked it up, it was shiny and dark and sticky and I said to Josh,”I wonder how she got this fruit snack….waaaait a min…THAT’S NOT A FRUIT SNACK!!!!!”

Poop, I was holding POOP!!! IN MY HAND!!! I’m almost throwing up right now!!!