Josh’s sister, Dakota, moved into a house in Spanish Fork a week or two before Thanksgiving. That makes 4 out of 6 Carr kids living in Spanish Fork now. I can’t tell you how much I love having so many family members nearby. It’s THE best. Anyhoo, so we all went over to Dakota’s new house for Thanksgiving dinner. It was such a fabulous day, especially for the kids. Dakota has all kinds of animals: miniature goats, tiny bunnies, chickens, a miniature horse, llamas, a dog…Ashton and Emmy were in heaven. Josh and Nate had a Turkey Bowl out in the pasture with the llamas. Ashton startled the little horse and it kind of attacked him, it ran after him until Ashton tripped over a pile of hay and then tried the horse tried to bite him. It was exciting.

After Dakota’s, we went over to my Grandma Harris’ for dessert. Most of the fam went for a little walk before the pie festivities. It was really nice and made me feel much better about gorging myself again. I must say, it was hard work trying to keep up with my Grandma.