The Messiah Lip-Sync-In

Every Sunday when I was little (according to my memory), my dad would have “The Messiah” playing while he made Sunday dinner.  Every once in a while, he would stop what he was doing to direct the music that was filling our house.  Most of my life my dad has been the choir director, even when he had more time consuming callings.  Music has always been important to him and I’m so grateful that he has passed that on to his kids.  My sisters are incredibly talented musically and we were always in the choir.  I, however, failed to develop those wonderful talents and spent most of the time lip-syncing.

Thanks to Kris’ reminder, I finally made it to a “Messiah Sing-In” last week.  She brought our wonderful, sweet grandma and we had a fabulous night.  Every note of that whole work was still ingrained in my mind from those Sundays when I was little.

“One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn’t belong.”  Yeah, that would be ME.  I sat between Kris and Cari and most of the time I closed my eyes and just listened to their beautiful voices (I could hear my grandma’s gorgeous voice also) and just felt wrapped in a blanket of warm, comforting music.  I had to wipe tears away once or twice.

I loved this lady.  She never looked at her music and just sang with the biggest smile on her sweet face the whole time.