Chappell Shin-dig

This past weekend, Josh and I went to the BYU 75th Ward Reunion.  This was the ward we moved into right after we got married.  The first bishop we had was great, a little stern, but great.  The week before he was released, he pulled me aside at a volleyball Enrichment activity…that I WAS AT obviously.  He said he was concerned that I was less active and HEARD that I hadn’t been seen at church for weeks…I was completely bewildered, thanked him for his concern and told him not to worry about me.  I’m pretty sure he thought I was someone else…I had no idea what he was talking about.

The Sunday of the changing of the guard the new Bishop Chappell gave a scary testimony and went on an on about pornography.  We were all very scared that he was even more stern than the old bishop.  The following week was the ward campout and “Carl” came out of  his shell.  He was jamming on the guitar, singing crazy songs and blasting country music from his truck.  I am sure everyone in the campground  was so annoyed but we loved him.


Here are some classic “Chappellism’s”:

  • The first thing he announced was that in his ward, we only had to pay 9% tithing.
  • If you didn’t sing in church you would immediately have a bishop’s interview
  • “How can you identify an extrovert accountant? He will stare at your shoes”
  • He would tell his kids “I love you but not as much as I love your mother”

At the ward Christmas party he insisted we have Karaoke and then showed off his Elvis skills.

We loved our time in this ward with the Chappell’s.  Josh was in the bishopric and I was the Relief Society Pres (strange, I know, and it wasn’t even that long after Bishop Chappell was called.  I turned myself right around…I guess) There are so many friends from this ward that we will love forever.  So many couples that were just working their bums off, going to school and working full-time, having their first babies (maybe even 2nd or 3rd), losing babies, hoping and praying for a baby, fulfilling church callings with willing and happy hearts, strengthening everyone around them, trying to progress spiritually and live the gospel every day.  It was incredible.

Josh and I were sure the Chappell’s loved us the MOST, buuuut I’m thinking everyone in the ward felt the same way, which is why when the Chappell’s have a get-together, their home is bursting at the seams.  They still ask about my sister who did a tap dance with me for the ward talent show.  See?  They meet you once and it’s like you are instantly best friends forever.  Love those Chappell’s!!!!