Here are just a few pictures from Christmas.  My parents were staying with my Grandma Harris.  They came over for breakfast and the opening of presents since Kris and Cari (their only single kids) were at our house.  We had such a fabulous day.  I’m worried for the years when Ashton’s Santa list is more complicated than “the fishing game and a Wall-E toy”.

Last Christmas Josh made an amazing toy box/table for Ashton.  This year I made a little playhouse under the stairs for Ashton and Emmy (Josh helped with the beadboard).  I was so excited for them to have another place to play all winter!  It was hard not to let them see it weeks before.  (I know it is quite girly for poor little Ashton.  Don’t think it doesn’t worry me.  🙂  I tried making it more gender-neutral but it just wasn’t right.  So after painting it three different times, this is what I settled on.) Oh, and my favorite part of the playhouse is the window.  The picture inside was painted by my mom for me when I was 5 or 6 years old.

We spent the afternoon at Josh’s parents house.  Once again, we had a great time there, lots of laughter and presents!

That night Rob and Krissy had everyone over for dinner. They were incredible to take on such a feat especially after running Brandon to the emergency room at 4 AM that morning.  We also took family pictures again, since everyone was in town.  It was a crazy day but the kids held up pretty well.


That night we had some good laughs with Cari and Kris.  Cari tried on Kris’ blonde extensions…not so hot.  We laughed our bums off most of the night…Rice and cheese…inside joke, slowly going public one date at a time, eh, Kris!