Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve this year, we all went over to Grandma Harris’.  She worked long and hard preparing a wonderful dinner for 40 people.  Delicious!  She asked me to be in charge of the children’s Nativity play.  I accepted the responsibility gladly and sent out an email to the participating families.  Little did I know, this venture would be the end of any gospel scholarly view anyone had of me.  Here’s how it went……


Hi everyone,

Grandmother asked me to plan and carry out the Nativity play on Christmas Eve at her house.  I’ve never done this before so go easy on me. 🙂

Alrighty, I’m wondering which kids want to have a part and if there are specific role requests.  All the standard roles will be represented and we need Jared the Lamanite.  (I think Grandma told me Peyton is going to be the star leading the shepherds and wise men to the baby)

Thanks!  Love you guys and hope your Christmas season is already superb!


Good ol’ Jared the Lamanite!  My favorite Book of Moron prophet!! 🙂  Can I play The Brother of Jared the Lamanite?? 🙂


LOL!!!!  I knew that didn’t sound right!!!!  I sat here for a long time saying in my head “Jared? the Lamanite?  Jared? Jared?”

HA!  Silly me!  I meant THE BROTHER OF JARED THE LAMANITE!  or SAMUEL, whatever you want to call him!!!!  DOH!!!!


It’s OK.  Maybe if you read your scriptures every once in a while. . . 🙂


Okay Jenn….little B of M lesson.   Are we looking for Samual the Lamanite who preached from the wall?   OR the brother of Jared (mahonrimoriancomre) who sailed across the see in ships “tight like unto a dish”….or Jared himself who was a bit of a slacker and followed his cool brother around most of the time.
just wondering????Smiley emoticon

Okay everyone,

My original email where I said “go easy on me” and then mentioned Jared the Lamanite….well, that was a TEST!!!!  It was a test to see if you would all GO EASY ON ME and you know what?!?!?!?


I QUIT!!!!

Juuuust kidding.  Hope you all have had a good laugh cuz I’ve been teased all day and it’s been jolly good fun for me.  And I hope you all are excited for this Nativity featuring Jared the Lamanite, Evil King Wensceslas who orders all first born sons to be killed, and shake in your boots when Mr. Freeze Meister enters the stage in Scene 6 of Act 14.

Anyone else want to be in charge?!?!


MAN!!!!    I should have known it was a testSmiley emoticon But as per my history, I never do well on tests so I am par for the course.   As far as FEARLESS LEADERS….YOU….are my #1 pick, top of the heap, aces, cream of the crop…blah blah blah.   Oh, and maybe we can take bets on who would win between Mr. Freeze and the Heat Meister, or was it the Meister burger Burger Meister….huh
oh well,
Thanks for all your patience with us low lifes.
See ya soon Director woman

I was laughing for days, so embarrassed.  Ah well.  Luckily, I delegated the script-writing to Jess and she did a phenomenal job.  I left myself in charge of costumes and working behind the scenes.  I figured this would probably become a tradition so I made costumes that could be used and grown into over the years.  The kids looked so cute!  Cari helped me make a few beards (I’m sure she never dreamed she’d be wearing one herself as she glued them together.  Brandon broke his leg sledding that very morning so Rob’s family couldn’t make it.  We really REALLY missed them and felt so bad for Brandon – who never cried one tiny bit through the whole ordeal.  We were left with only one wise man so we eventually coaxed Cari into dressing up.  THANKS, CARE! )

I was in the bedroom keeping the kids under control during the Nativity so I didn’t get to see it, but I HEARD it was great.  🙂

shepherds ashtonshepherd angelemmy