Little Mr. Mom

Every single night (until he moved into his big bed) I would hold Ashton all wrapped in his blanket and sing to him while he drank a bottle of milk before putting him in his crib. I miss those nights even though he still wants me to sing to him while he lays in his bed.

I have tried doing that with Emmy but she will NOT have it. She just wants me to put her in her crib and not cuddle. 🙁 But she does have patience for Ashton. Every time I put Emmy to bed or down for a nap, Ashton MUST sing “I Love to See the Temple” to her.

Ashton recently started dressing himself and it is INCREDIBLY exciting for me! It has given me a strange sense of freedom, yet I am loosing a little MORE control (I started loosing it, I think, when Ashton moved out of the crib). Anyhoo, he was feeling rather confident in the dressing department and decided to help Emmy put on her pajamas.