For Jessi’s birthday (New Year’s Eve), Gary had us come over for a morning surprise party.  We went sledding and had hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls.  It was such a fun morning and I hope the beginning of a new tradition. (Jess, you’d better practice your surprised act all year long)

Sadly, Josh and I haven’t been sledding since before we were married…is that true?  I really think it is true!  Wow.  Anyhoo, so I was not completely prepared.  All I had to contribute was a pool loungy mattress thing.  I wasn’t sure if it would even slide down a hill so we had Cari try it out first.  It went surprisingly fast!  Since this was Ashton’s first time sledding, I thought he might be a little bit scared but he was soooo excited.  I could barely convince him to let Cari go first.  As soon as she was off the “sled”, he had it in his hands and was on his way up the hill.  I fought him all the way up, trying to help him carry it and convince him to let me go with him (did I mention it went surprisingly fast?).  He would NOT let me get on and as soon as he was sitting on it, he made me let go.  HE LOVED IT!!!  I was so proud.  He went down the biggest, fastest hill lots of times.  Ashton wanted to go down like Superman so Cari pulled him up the hill on the sled.  He was laying there, all ready to go, with his fists out in front of him all the way up the hill and down.  It was awesome!!!

After about three times down the hill, our little air mattress was frozen and crispy and would not hold any air. (Another surprise 🙂 )  The fun wasn’t over with our little green friend, though.  We decided to pile as many people on it as we could and see if it would still move.  Fun times, fun times.