“A” for Ashton, “P” for Pooh-Pooh-Pee-Pee

I’ve been concerned about our level of intelligence/humor lately.  Ashton is 3 1/2 and his FAVORITE word is ‘poop’ and any sentence containing the word is the funniest joke ever.  Pee-Pee is very funny, just not as hilarious as poop.  In fact if you really want to put him in stitches, the grand slam of humor is the double-word score “Pooh-Pooh-Pee-Pee”.  This four syllable word is the absolute pinnacle of hilarity!

So if he’s in a bad mood and we’re desperate to resolve the situation, Josh resorts to good ol’ bathroom humor.   Today at lunch I was asking Ashton and Emmy what they wanted to eat.  Ashton said,”Hey, Em.  Do you want some poop-on-a-stick?”  (Thanks for that one, Josh.)

You can imagine my relief when I overheard Ashton and his friend Mac both saying “poop-this” and “poop-that”, taking turns cracking each other up.  They were just rolling on the ground laughing. It appears that this four syllable alliteration is the very quintessence of witticism for any three year old.

Josh assures me that this is just a phase that all boys go through and that he will soon grow out of it.  Any suggestions on helping husbands ‘grow out of it’?

(Sorry Kyra! I hope Mac is still allowed to come play.)