Cross-Country Falling/Snowshoeing

Friday night, Josh and I gathered up a bunch of our peeps and went cross-country skiing at Aspen Grove.


Cari, Deven, Shelley, Eddie, Lindsey, Jess, Jed, Gary, Josh, Jenn

I think the only people who had ever done it before were Josh, Jed and Gary who tried it once in scouts or something many, many, MANY years ago.  I don’t know if it was because we were all beginners, there were 6 inches of fresh powder, the ski’s hadn’t been waxed for ten years or ALL OF THE ABOVE, but we truly experienced hardly any SKIING.  It was mostly falling and walking with ski’s stuck to our toes.  It all made for one of the most hilarious nights EVER.

If any of us knew what we were doing it might have been different, but for some reason all of our ski’s just kept sticking to the snow.  I believe they are supposed to stick a little to prevent you from sliding backwards.  But even when we were experiencing forward motion, the ski would be sliding somewhat nicely, then suddenly STICK, no more movement.  It was wild.  After walking up the first biggish hill, Deven and I decided we definitely needed some skiing action and we tried to ski down the hill we just came up.  That’s when I really started sweating!  It was ridiculously difficult just to slide!  We were laughing our butts off, though.  After all the work of TRYING to cross-country ski, the only muscles that were sore the next day were my stomach muscles from laughing so hard.

Here is my favorite picture.  Sure, it’s just Deven kneeling in the snow.  But right before I took this picture, Deven decided he was going to ski down a hill.  He stood there, ski’s parallel pointing straight down the hill, he bent his knees, dug his poles into the snow and pushed off with great force, completely committed to flying down this hill.  However, his ski’s did not agree with the idea and DID NOT BUDGE.  Deven fell forward like a tree, the whole length of his body was FLAT on the hill.  Oh man, we were all dying!!!  Everyone (except Josh who never fell at all) wiped out trying to go down this hill, as you’ll see in my slide show.