Draper Temple Open House


Last night, Josh and I took our kids to the Draper Temple Open House.  I was a little bit worried about taking a 3 1/2 year old into a temple, if you can imagine.  So we had a Family Home Evening the night before discussing how it is Heavenly Father’s house and that we need to be reverent, etc. etc.

Amazingly enough, it totally worked!!!  Ashton was just a little sweetheart the WHOLE time.  He walked with his arms folded and whispered MOST of the time.  The temple was gorgeous, of course.  The Baptistry was incredible, very open and huge.  Ashton looked at the font being held by the twelve oxen and asked “Is that water for the cows?”

In the Celestial Room, the first thing we noticed was the incredibly high vaulted ceiling with a magnificent chandalier stretching all the way to the top.  Ashton stopped as soon as he entered the room and said, NOT in a whisper,”Oh WOOOOW!  That is sooooo pretty!”

As Josh tucked Ashton into bed he asked said,”Ashton, what was your favorite thing about the temple.”  Ashton said, “Ooooh, nuthin’,….just the cows.”